Women In Beer: Sevkán Ariburnu

Sevkán Ariburnu is an artist and designer. She is currently the Art Director at Barcelona’s Garage Brewing Co. Discover more about International Women’s Day and Women In Beer here.

Why do you think it’s important that we have a day that celebrates women?

On days like this, we are more likely to address issues that we otherwise dismiss on our daily survival modes. It helps people stop and think and focus on the challenges facing women, as well as celebrating their successes. It helps that the media picks up on it, that people that otherwise wouldn’t necessarily pay much attention get involved in debate and criticism of the current status quo.

What are you enjoying drinking at the moment? What is your go-to beer?

Garage’s Soup! It’s my go-to beer; it literally tastes like a soup. Very filling and tasty!

What do you love about craft beer?

I love the variety of rich flavours, the contrast against bland, industrial beer. I love the playfulness and creativity of the industry.

The beer is more often than not tasty, the imagery is so clever and the copywriting is pretty damn good as well. There’s some really strong copy going around with the beer names right now in my opinion…We play with that relationship a lot when we dream up identities for our new beers; the relationship between the names and the imagery and the taste. The beer industry is much more fun, accessible and relatable than ever before.

What (if any) is the biggest misconception you’ve had to face in the craft beer world?

That’s a difficult question. When you want to be different or design something different than what’s already out there, there’s always a resistance. As a woman and as a designer, the misconceptions I have to face on a daily basis are more or less similar. Some people like to think that women are some precious creatures that are just there to please the eye and nest… Or that a woman needs to be a lady and can’t have strong opinions. That strong opinions and emotions aren’t “pretty”.

These same misconceptions exist in the design industry as well..  that the labels need to be “pretty”, or that brands can’t and shouldn’t have a say on what’s going on around the world.

I like to be honest about things, and some people think honesty is ugly. I think it’s beautiful.

That said, let’s not forget that every story has two sides.  There are many misconceptions a man has to face on a daily basis. A man has to be in control, a man has be a “man”. I don’t agree with any of these. I find it all very black and white.

If you were a beer, what style would you be?

I’m eastern, my skin is dark.. I’m also, quite a fierce character. Maybe a coffee stout or something similar. It has to have a little bit of an edge to it.  

Do you think that a craft beer label can challenge a drinker’s perceptions, or should they just be beautiful artwork’s to be easily admired, and why?

I definitely think a craft beer label can challenge a drinker’s perceptions. To me, it’s just like music. We all got inspired by the opinions of our favorite music bands, didn’t we? We are all sponges; we absorb things that make up our environment. It’s important to have different voices and perspectives around us. I think any form of self-expression helps in that matter.

What made you decide that this was the platform you wanted to use to challenge the industry norm?

Pure coincidence! My partner decided to go into the beer business. He needed a brand, and I happened to be a designer. It’s wasn’t easy working together in the beginning since we had so different opinions. But now things have calmed down quite a bit. He is willing to take risks which makes Garage a great ‘client’!

What’s your favourite label you’ve created to date, and why?

My favourite label I’ve created so far is Snake Fear, a one-off collaboration we did with Wild Beer Co. I dreamt about a silver duck and decided to put it on cans. I spray-painted my son’s rubber duck and it was fun.

Beer selection for the IWD Mixed Case: Magic Rock – High Wire Grapefruit – Pale Ale

I like Magic Rock because their design in general really defines their brand.