Women In Beer: Browar Stu Mostów’s Arletta Ziemian

Stu Mostow Founder Arletta Ziemian

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, we’ve once again spoken to a select few of the many inspirational women working within the craft beer industry today. First up, Arletta Ziemian, the co-founder of Browar Stu Mostów. Discover more interviews and Women in Beer content here

Why do you think it’s important that we have a day that celebrates women?

To me, it is important to find your own way of life without compromise and stay true to your principles. This day should remind us of the power women have as a group. We can use it as a source of inspiration to take action. For me, one of the most important values is freedom, not only in the political, but above all cultural context. It is the freedom to make conscious life choices. I hope this day will provide an opportunity for women to have the courage to express their true selves. I wish for all women to believe that they are the only ones who can decide who they are and how they feel.

We should take every opportunity to treasure interpersonal relations, all the more so now in the world of technology and automation. I consider myself lucky to havefound my way of life in such a stimulating and dynamically developing industry as craft brewing. Craft beer is what brings people together. International Women’s Day is a great occasion to celebrate over a pint of good quality beer. In Wrocław, we celebrate social occasions in the pub at Browar Stu Mostów. I’m so proud we have succeeded in creating a place that brings together people regardless of their background, gender, race, or religion.

What are you enjoying drinking at the moment? What is your go-to beer?

It all depends on what flavour I crave on that day. Sometimes I go for sweet, other times for sour flavours – but it always feels good to have our good classic WRCLW Pils. In summertime, I usually reach for sour beers, though. Recently, I have started promoting the idea among women that beer serves as an excellent aperitif. Try our Art#8 Strawberry Berliner Weisse instead of Prosecco! It’s a great choice!

What do you love about craft beer?

Craft brewing is all about amazing people around the world who are passionate about flavours, aromas, high quality, and the freedom that it gives. What craft brewers have in common are values, passions, and a taste for travelling. Craft beer is a genuine lifestyle. We have set up our brewery in Wrocław, the city where people love good beer. Craft brewing is a creative sector that keeps attracting talented people to our city. This is where we have been building bridges between women, generations, beer styles, and countries. Wrocław’s brewing traditions go back 800 years. The city hosts beers festivals attended by superstars of the craft beer revolution who want to brew in Wrocław to get to know our traditions, creativity and hospitality. The craft beer industry is a crucial element of Wrocław’s identity and lifestyle.

As an industry how can we encourage more women to get involved in craft beer?

I do this every day. The moment we opened the first craft brewery in Wrocław for several years, our mission has been to create a meeting place where we could educate and build awareness about beer drinking culture. Since the very beginning, we have been running educational campaigns explaining the difference between craft and mass-produced beer. We offer brewery tours with focus on the production process. We have a great kitchen area where our chefs and brewers cooperate on a daily basis. It all attracts women who, in turn, bring their friends over. We care about good atmosphere at work, where everyone is valued and has a voice. We take pride in creating this place together. Our idea is to educate how to pair beer and food. This is the reason why two years ago we started Concept Stu Mostów, a creative workspace for craftspeople: a baker, a cheesemaker, a chef. This is the place where we literally take advantage of the vicinity of the brewery and its products. We prepare home-made wort-based mustard, beer pretzels, and other side dishes that go well with beer. We are always happy to host creative and open-minded people who feel like embarking on the craft adventure. We are here to help them understand that the craft industry offers so much more than the beer itself. There is a saying which is close to my heart “act local, think global.”

How do you see the role of women in craft evolving as the wider public becomes more aware of the high-profile examples of mistreatment of women at the hands of powerful and influential men?

A lot of power is in the hands of women. I believe in working with passionate people who follow their principles and get full satisfaction from their work regardless of gender, religion, or culture we were raised in. You need to know your worth and develop your competencies day by day. Our role is to be the ambassadors of our brands, and pioneers in taking action in our community and workplace. My dream is to “demystify” craft beer so that we can get together to have a beer in the good company of friends. My dream is to “demystify” beer so that it is seen as a choice for those who value good flavours and a better lifestyle. It is important to keep looking for your own way of life. As women we should not be afraid to develop our passions and live life to the fullest. A lot depends on ourselves and how we see ourselves.

What makes you so passionate about craft beer? What do you wish more woman were aware of in regards to the craft beer industry, and as a founder do you feel responsible for ensuring Stu Mostów is accessible to all sectors of the community?

Craft beer gives me the feeling of freedom and enjoying a simple life. What I care about is supporting people in making uncompromising life and beer choices. I believe the world would be a better place if we all did what gives us 100% satisfaction. When I think about craft brewing, the one word that comes to mind is creativity. It is such a creative sector both for those who brew the beer and those who taste it. Luckily, the times when all beer tasted the same are over (this is what we used to experience in Poland). This is the reason why our brewery is frequently visited by local producers, foodies, theatre goers, and designers. We often host people who are passionate about their work and who are open to new ideas, collaboration, exchange of experiences and knowledge. Many of them are women.

My aim is to reach and educate people from different social groups. I’d like to reach those who do not know yet that beer can actually be tasty. There is still a lot to be done. I wish to all of us build bridges.

How does it make you feel, that in 2019, we’re still having to talk about ensuring women are given equal opportunities both within craft beer and outside of it?

It’s important to keep educating. We need to take into account the fact that everyone comes from a different cultural background and follows different beliefs. Yet, everyone looks for a role model. My daily mission is to recreate beer culture among women and men, also those who are not aware of the huge and symbolic changes brought about by craft brewing around the world. Craft beer industry has set the major trends of the early 21st century. Promoting good quality beer, craft beer promotes a slower, happier, stress-free lifestyle infused with tolerance. We have set the trend for brewing genuine beer. We promote meetings over a pint of high quality beer, beer tasting events, debates, and all of that in the best company. Beer is sexy.