White Frontier: The Great Unknown

By Brody Rossiter

On a Friday at around 5pm we often gather around the kitchen table to taste beers. We share tasting notes and discuss how to position products to our customers. We offer opinions on how to encourage beer lovers to take a chance and try the unknown. Is our recommendation alone enough? Do we need a certain picture that ticks all the social media hype boxes? Do we talk about geography, hopping regimens or award-winning acclaim? What counts today?

We want to sell beer for many reasons, but first and foremost, we want to share good beer. We want to tell a story and champion the brewery where the tale begins.

White Frontier’s tale begins in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The impressive brewery sits at the crossing between France, Italy and Switzerland and was built with efficiency in mind. As we work our way through an expertly brewed collective of styles, tasting the gentle sweetness of a “German Lager” that finishes with a bitter clarity, or the aromatic tartness of a juicy “Moroccan Gose”, it becomes clear that when beer is this good, it only takes a sip for you to be sold.

Maybe you can’t sit with us on a Friday when a week of posting, collating, searching and wondering finally comes to a close, but you can still share something new and exciting with us. It might not fit this week’s trend, but it’ll still taste great – take our word for it. White Frontier beers are now available in the online bottleshop in bottles and cans, including their collaborations with Wylam and Brew By Numbers. We encourage you to add a few to your next order.