Welcome Birrificio del Ducato

Caspita! Celebrazioni! We are honoured and excited to welcome Birrificio del Ducato of Italy as the latest brewery to join the HonestBrew crew.

It’s not surprising that the region around Parma, where Birrificio del Ducato is based, has produced one of Italy’s most respected craft breweries. The area has a strong reputation for producing some of Italy’s finest gastronomic delights such as parmesan cheese and prosciutto de Parma, so it’s no wonder the quality of beer is so high at del Ducato.

Ducato’s head brewer Giovanni Campari is passionate about seeking out the best ingredients to use in the making of their multi-award winning beers. The brewery takes a uniquely Italian approach to brewing, whilst also paying homage to famous European and American techniques. Expect the use of spices, herbs and natural yeasts, all of which point to the gastronomic flair of this region.

Birrificio Del Ducato New Morning Saison 5.8%

For the brewery’s flagship saison, Giovanni spent an entire winter blending herbal teas so that the recipe for the New Morning Saison would be perfectly balanced come spring.

Birrificio Del Ducato Sally Brown Stout 5.2%

For Sally Brown stout, he spent two years and took inspiration from his previous experience as a coffee roaster to perfect a complex balance of 11 different malts, including raw unmalted grains like Italian oats.

Birrificio Del Ducato Viaemilia Zwickel 5.2%

This creativity has seen Ducato receive awards more times than any other Italian brewery and ensures it is highly regarded on platforms such as ratebeer. Although relatively new, the brewing scene in Italy now has well over 700 breweries producing some of the most interesting beers in Europe – so it’s no small feat for the dedicated team at Birrifico Del Ducato. Take their Keller Bier, Via Emilia, which has picked up numerous awards including 3 silver medals at the World Beer Cup. Its subtle honey aroma is great example of the careful attention to detail that is a common theme throughout their range.

‘Paraphrasing the Italian beer expert Kuaska, not having a tradition of brewing beer has allowed Italian brewers to experiment creatively, exploiting local biodiversities to produce often unique products. Italians could go on forever discussing how my mother’s tomato sauce is different from your mother’s, how and why, etc. This sensibility translates when it comes to making a good beer.’

Giacomo Pelizza – Ducato

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