Tasting Notes: A Lightbulb Moment

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We recently journeyed down to Cornwall to visit Adam and James at Verdant Brewing. The purpose of the trip was to brew the fourth HonestBrew collaboration beer in the space of a year. Previous entries have included an American pale ale brewed with White Hag, a lemon sorbet pale ale brewed with Wiper And True, and a Citra IPA brewed with Northern Monk.

We’re incredibly excited to see the latest collaboration released into the wild and in beer lovers hands. Named after a spot of trouble we ran into on the runway while waiting to depart for Newquay Airport, the potent brew is our most hop-packed offering yet.

Obviously several beers were consumed throughout the day, many of which were from a fresh batch of 440ml Lightbulb cans. Hopped with Simcoe and Centennial, the beer is as bright and citrusy as ever, however there’s now a far more pronounced piney dankness that lingers long after the initial burst of flavour.

If you would also like to whet your appetite while you wait for the brew to be ready, grab yourself some fresh Verdant tallboys from the online bottleshop.