Vegan Beer Picks

When it comes to ensuring that the food and drink you’re consuming is vegan friendly, procuring the necessary info about what truly lies beneath the label can often be fruitless, frustrating and sometimes littered with egg and shellfish byproducts. However, when it comes to craft beer, several breweries have made concerted efforts to ensure that their brewing processes and finished products are natural and vegan friendly – ensuring that vegan beer lovers needn’t compromise when it comes to quality or flavour. Here are some of the best vegan friendly brews that we’ve plucked from the shelves of our online Bottle Shop.

Cloudwater IPA (Citra) 6.5%

Cloudwater – Citra – IPA 6.5%

An extremely fruity, juicy and hoppy IPA featuring Citra hops and fruity esters from Vermont Ale yeast. Every beer that makes it’s way out of Manchester’s Cloudwater Brew Co. is vegan friendly and seasonal, crafted from the freshest ingredients out there. Their beer is also some of the most hotly-anticipated and highly-regarded in the eyes of beer lovers, proving that drinking vegan, doesn’t mean compromising quality, flavour or excitement.

Wylam Club of Slaughters Imperial Stout 8.8%

Wylam – Club of Slaughters – Imperial Stout 8.8%

Wylam Brewery’s somewhat oxymoronic Vegan Friendly Slaughterhouse Stout, Club of Slaughters, is a brew hell-bent on defying both itself and your perception of wild and interesting brews. Prepare yourself. Vanatblack and bone char intones dwell within this remnant hulk… an electro narcosis of peat smoke pitch, dark cocoa and oiled black cardamom, rib rattle into subtle bolt gusts of port wine and espresso pursued by a dark cherry red grape skin tartness. Honestly, it’s definitely vegan friendly!

Wild Beer Co Epic Saison 5%

Wild Beer Co – Epic Saison 5%

Wild by name, epic by nature, this summer lovin’ saison may well be inspired by Belgian farmhouse beers, but there isn’t a hint of a pig, chicken, cow, sheep, bee or rooster in there! A crisp transcontinental fusion of Belgian yeast and American hops packed with zingy and spicy and flavours. Somerset’s Wild Beer Co. have a wonderfully flavourful range of brews that are largely vegan. So, if in doubt, drink wild.

Victory Summer Love Golden Ale 5.2%

Victory – Summer Love – Golden Ale 5.2%

There are plenty of reasons to love summer, and here is one great one! German hops and pale malt blend beautifully to create this refreshing taste of summer. This light-bodied ale casts a golden hue reminiscent of the afternoon sun shining down upon a vegan feast. So if you’re planning a vegan friendly garden party or gathering, spread the craft beer love with a few cans of this US vegan friendly brew. Find the beer here.

Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black Porter 6%

Yeastie Boys – Pot Kettle Black – Porter 6%

Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you don’t get to drink dark beers. However, it does mean you should make a point of drinking one of the best dark beers available today! One of New Zealand’s most celebrated beers ever – we’re pretty sure the Yeasties built this brew its own personal trophy cabinet – this fresh, hoppy, malty rich and dark as night beer is a real wonder. Luckily you won’t have to worry about any nasty surprises inside the bottle.

Buxton Axe Edge IPA 6.8%

Buxton – Axe Edge – IPA 6.8%

Alongside being a top-rated and full-flavoured IPA, Buxton’s Axe Edge is also vegan friendly. Beginning with a light amber pour, before introducing flavours of mandarin and tropical fruit, and finishing with a dry warming finish, this India Pale Ale isn’t just a must-drink brew for vegans, but beer lovers full stop. Buxton have dedicated themselves to creating some of the best, largely vegan friendly, beers in Europe, this one is definitely helping them achieve their goal.

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