The Best Summer Beer Selection


It’s not all sweaty tube rides and scorching seatbelts – fill your fridge with super-summery craft beers for instant refreshment after work or in the park

The Session Selection Case

Perfect for: someone who likes big flavour but doesn’t want the big alcohol hit.

A big mistake when drinking in the sunshine is getting beer that’s too strong – a few 6% or 7% IPAs and you’re in for a wobbly walk home. Session beers are all generally in the 4-5% range – just as packed with flavour and refreshment as their full-strength counterparts, but at a sensible strength.

9 flavour packed session beers – £22.90

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The Lager Case

Perfect for: a lager lover who wants to expand their horizons

A cold, crisp lager is the reliable summer refresher. But that doesn’t mean it has to be bland & uninteresting. Our selection of lagers keep your palate interested but keep the cool, crisp character you love.

9 crisp craft lagers – £24.90

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The Sour Power Case

Perfect for: people who “don’t like beer”, or if you dare try something adventurous

Don’t like beer? Beer isn’t refreshing enough? Think again. Fruity sours, crisp sours, & salty sours (trust us) might just be some of the most refreshing, revitalising tastes you can experience on a hot summer’s day.

9 quenching sour beers – £26.90

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The Can Case

Perfect for: festivals that don’t allow bottles or people who share a fridge

Heading to a festival? Short on fridge space? The can case is the answer to those questions, and many others. Cans are environmentally friendly, better for your beer, and are easier to stow away in a fridge or tote bag. Read more about craft beer cans here

12 easy drinking craft cans – £28.90

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HonestBrew Picks IPAs

Perfect for: people who like Punk IPA, Camden or Meantime & want to explore more hoppy beers

Sometimes you just can’t go past a good, hoppy case of IPAs. These are 12 of the best IPAs we have right now that we recommend you drink.

12 extremely good IPAs – £35.90

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HonestBrew Summer Sessions

Three cases of the summer’s hottest releases & exclusive beers

Sign up to the HonestBrew summer sessions & you’ll have your essential drinking sorted. Get an exclusive box of beer each month in July, August and September, including bonus HonestBrew merch and the chance to win festival tickets & more.

3x months of unmissable beer

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Pick up a few 4 packs

What could be easier than just a few 4 packs of a fantastic craft beer.

Stay cool, look hot, drink fresh

When temperatures are hitting the upper 20s and it feels hotter inside than outside, it’s better to suffer together with friends than alone – we find ourselves in the park, lighting a bbq, or finding somewhere shady to just chill & have a few cold beers.

Don’t settle for whatever you can find on the way; grab a selection of summer-ready beers, stock up the fridge & be sorted for when the sun comes calling.