The Beer List: November Essentials

As the vibrant red of fallen leaves turns to faded tones yellow and brown, and grey November skies smother the last autumnal rays of sunlight, it’s time to find solstice in good beer. The rain will soon accompany the morning commute, and most likely the journey home. Shopping bags will be filled with robust root vegetables and flavourful winter greens, and the delicate twinkle of holidays upon the horizon will illuminate long dark evenings.

November is a month filled with crackling bonfires, sheltering bodies, and seasonal beer. Brews that will tide you over until the December’s festivities fill your cupboards with rich porters and stouts perfect for sipping slowly beside the glow of an open fire…or a substantial radiator adorned with sodden socks. Here are the latest Beer List essentials available in the Bottleshop and ready to requested by Honesty Box subscribers.

Big Hug – Hibernation – IPA 5.2%

Big Hug Brewing consists of four Londoners whose passion to create found an outlet in craft beer. Accessible yet experimental, the brewery’s beer is the perfect stepping stone for those wanting to relax with friends and drink a well-deserved brew. their ultimate goal: to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside – just like a big hug.

Hibernation is a new hybrid style beer rarely seen in the UK but popular in the US. It has a high percentage of malted wheat which when combined with the generous amount of Citra T90 pellets (added as a dry hop post fermentation) give a beautifully light and citrusy flavour and aroma to Big Hug’s flagship brew.

Thornbridge – Chiron – American Pale 5%

Situated amongst the splendid surroundings of Thornbridge Hall within the heart of the Peak District, Thornbridge began brewing in a ten barrel brewery back in 2005. Today, they are standard bearers for flavourful British beer that draws from tradition while also forging ahead when it comes flavour. After a decade of incorporating a diverse selection of hops and yeast into their beer, and not forgetting a healthy measure of passion derived from the brewing team, Thornbridge boast a litany of award winning beers – many of which hail from their state of the art brewery and bottling line based in Bakewell.

Golden in colour, Chiron offers a superb balance of refreshingly tart hops, juicy malt and tangy fruit. The lingering finish offers a hint of apricots and tangerines before building to a crescendo with a final sweet and biscuity note. The antithesis of a classic style and modern brewing can be found within every sip. 

Rascals – Pacific Secret – Saison 4.4%

Rascals are a Dublin based Brewery responsible for producing BOLD Irish beer. Independently owned by craft beer loving couple, Emma Devlin and Cathal O’Donoghue, the pair’s love of good beer began in Wellington (the craft beer capital of New Zealand) back in 2009. After a successful batch of homebrews and a move back to their Irish homeland, Emma and Cathal decided to go commercial, investing their life-savings in a 950L brewery based in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin.

Pacific Secret is brewed with lager and wheat malts, however, it’s the hops and French Saison yeast which really bring the spritely character to the beer. Pineapple and passionfruit flavours are bountiful thanks to late and dry hopping with celebrated Southern Hemisphere hops; Vic Secret, Motueka and Pacifica – hence the name. French saison yeast offers a final citrus character that beautifully compliments the tropical hops.

Harbour Brewing – Little Rock – IPA 5.5%

As somebody who spent three years living in Cornwall, it’s difficult to concisely describe the region with a series of adjectives. Truly experiencing its many wonders can only be accomplished when exploring its hideaway beaches and sprawling green expanses – a sensation that you neither bottle or sell. However, The Harbour Brewing Co. have gotten pretty close to capturing Cornwall’s unparalleled nature in a can.  

The Bodmin-based brewery adopt a humble approach to brewing, focusing upon the evolution as opposed to revolution. Traditional styles are adapted to suit modern palates that demand a satisfying amount of flavour. It’s this balance between bold taste profiles and drinkability that will hopefully transport you and your tastebuds to a land upon which tradition and modernity regularly collide. Little Rock IPA is a “sessionable”  brew that pours dark amber in colour and marries hoppy bursts of tropical fruit flavours with a sweet and satisfyingly malty base.

Park Brewery – Gallows Gold – Golden Ale 5%

The Park Brewery was started by Josh and Frankie, a husband and wife team. Spurred on by the reaction they received to their “obsessive” home brewing, and inspired by the rich history of the surrounding area, the pair fled from of the family kitchen, invested in a small kit and moved into a Kingston upon Thames-based premises far more befitting for their flavourful undertakings.

Gallows is the brewery’s take on an American Pale Ale. The beer is fruity, sweet and well rounded with hints of mango and bags of hoppy aroma. The golden ale’s name is derived from the gallows that once stood at the Kingston Gate entrance of Richmond Park. Their mission statement: Brew. Taste. Love. Sounds good to us.

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