Why Be Straight Up?


Didn’t your mum always tell you that honesty was the best policy? Well for once that’s something we agree with. Being straight up is something we’re proud of – that’s why we made our Straight Up Pale Ale. No bullshit, just quality beer.


#1 Films

In this regard, sometimes films can be terrible. Have you ever found yourself waiting for the film you’ve paid three weeks’ salary to see, wondering whether the shiny, CGI-laden advert you saw last week is an accurate representation of the ‘movie experience’ you’ve been promised? We have.  Wouldn’t it be better if they cut the bullshit?


#2 If Only Other Companies Could Be As Straight Up As Us

Whatever the adverts may say, some businesses are not always telling you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


#3 Animals

Since humans are pretty much the only species capable of lying, maybe it’s best to let the animal kingdom do the talking once in a while.

Frank Cat

#4 Humans

But to be fair, sometimes they get it bang on.

Sinatra JD


#5 Straight Up

And finally, here are some things that are…well…straight up. Just like us.