Yeastie Boys – xeRRex Imperial Smoked Ale
Yeastie Boys - xeRRex Imperial Smoked Ale 10%

Yeastie Boys – xeRRex Imperial Smoked Ale


Rated 3.55 out of 5

10% - 330ml


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A beefed-up version of Rex Attitude, xxRRex is in some ways a somewhat more accessible version of it’s baby brother. Having said that, 100% peat malt is still borderline insanity. Approach with an enlightened pallet.

About the brewery

We met the good guys from Yeastie Boys at the Craft Beer Rising beer festival in Feb 2015 and had to get hold of some of their great beer. The Yeastie Boys - Stu McKinlay and Sam Possenniskie are the dynamic duo of New Zealand's craft beer scene. They burst onto the beer landscape with two trophies for their flagship porter Pot Kettle Black at BrewNZ 2009 and have remained firmly ensconced there ever since. The Yeastie Boys say that they stay ahead of the game by being food and drink lovers first and foremost and postmodern craft beer cult heroes on the side.