Wild Beer Co – Sourdough Sour
Wild Beer Co - Sourdough Sour 3.6%

Wild Beer Co – Sourdough Sour


Rated 2.89 out of 5

3.6% - 330ml


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Beer and Bread have been showing off the magic of yeast for thousands of years, Wild Beer Co. decided to combine the two. The old and the new, contemporary ideas and historical techniques and ingredients, a very special beer that combines all these things and more.

About the brewery

Drink Wildly Different. The overlords of creativity Andrew and Brett come together to make outstandingly unique beers. Brewing at the Lower Westcombe Farm in Somerset, Wild Beer Co creates beers to perfectly match food and challenge what beer can be. With the complexity of wild yeasts or aged in different kinds of barrels, no two beers from these guys are the same.