Tiny Rebel – FrambUZI Raspberry Sour
Tiny Rebel - FrambUZI Raspberry Sour 4.3%

Tiny Rebel – FrambUZI Raspberry Sour

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4.3% - 330ml

Price: £2.79 Member Price £2.58

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Tiny Rebel have a soft spot for sours, and they love the rich, tangy flavours of Framboise. Packed to the brim with the plumpest, juiciest little raspberries they could get our hands on.

About the brewery

Established in 2012 by Brad & Gazz, for the love of taking things a step further and doing things different. Rebels with a cause, they’re out to ruffle a few feathers and change old ideas about beer. For them, beer is no longer a drink strictly for old men in wellies sporting barrel guts and flat caps, but also for anyone who ever grew up with an Atari or Sega, or wanted a droid as a pet.