Siren – Undercurrent Pale Ale
Siren - Undercurrent Pale Ale 4.5%

Siren – Undercurrent Pale Ale

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4.5% - 330ml

Price: £2.39 Member Price £2.21

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If you’re after brews of a somewhat spicy, nutty nature, Undercurrent will take your senses for a spin with aromas of both leading into citrus floral hops. This dark golden pale goes down real smooth with flavours matching the aromas while adding a bit of lychee and passionfruit.

About the brewery

Who doesn't like a good story? These folks are sound spinners of quality yarns when it comes to their beers, basing each one around mysterious sirens, luring and teasing the thirsty drinker with names such as Undercurrent, Soundwave, Liquid Mistress and Broken Dream. Siren's aim is to draw you into their world where the qualities of beer can be approached with just as much care and appreciation as wine, inviting you to act on your curiosity and explore the diverse landscape that is craft beer. Personally, we're big fans of their philosophy to carefully think through every stage of the process, and that their beer '...will be ready when it's ready, not because it needs to get out the door.'