ShinDigger – IPL
ShinDigger - IPL 5.5%

ShinDigger – IPL

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5.5% - 440ml

Price: £3.89 Member Price £2.50

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An absolute juice bomb. A modern hazy and hoppy lager, that’s dry hopped with new technology lupulin pellets, designed to provide intense hop flavour and aroma. Pillowy soft, and as smooth as you like with tons of tropical tastes.

About the brewery

ShinDigger was born whilst Paul and George were living together at Manchester University. They jointly invested their spare cash into a home-brewing kit. The beers were brewed in the kitchen and fermented in the basement of their student house, and soon they began selling it at house parties. It was here the first seeds of ShinDigger were planted. The name ‘ShinDigger’ embodies their ethos that beer is about having a good time with your friends and enjoying the moment. Get yourself in the mix with a Shindigger brew.