Rothaus – Tannenzäpfle Alcohol-free Pilsner
Rothaus - Tannenzäpfle Alcohol-free Pilsner 0.5%

Rothaus – Tannenzäpfle Alcohol-free Pilsner

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Brewed in Grafenhausen in the southern Black Forest, this is the alcohol (and gluten) free version of the Rothaus Pils Tannenzäpfle.

To retain the typical and well-balanced Rothaus Pils characteristics during the dealcoholization process, this beer is brewed with a higher original gravity (14.5 %) and lower IBU’s (25).

A clean pilsner and everything you’d expect from German style of beer.

The label of depicts the spruce-fir pinecone branches of the forest and these pinecones are what this beer is named after, Tannenzäpfle.

About the brewery

Rothaus Brewery is the most well known regional brewery in the Black Forest, and one of the most modern in Germany. Since its foundation in 1791 by the nearby Benedictine monastery St. Blasien, this historical site in the middle of the Black Forest has been creating high quality beers that are valued by connoisseurs across the country. Rothaus produces a range of beer from the 60-year-old recipe Pils Tannenzäpfle to alcohol free varieties, all with labels depicting “Biergit”, the Black Forest girl holding two glasses of beer. Today, Biergit is the defining symbol for all beers made by the Rothaus Brewery.