Northern Monk – Origin GF IPA
Northern Monk - Origin GF IPA 5.7%

Northern Monk – Origin GF IPA


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5.7% - 330ml


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A homage to the origins of IPA and the evolution of this style. Piney, juicy and crisp. The Evolution of Tradition. Unpasteurised and unfined, this is a gluten free brew made in Leeds by Northern Monk. 5.7% ABV.

About the brewery

Since the 7th century AD monks across the whole of Europe have produced and sold beer, life-sustaining, thirst quenching beer. Like the monks before us, Leeds' Northern Monk is committed to creating the highest quality beers combining the best of traditional monastic brewing values with a progressive approach to ingredients and techniques. Homed in a Grade II listed mill in the spiritual heart of the industrial revolution, Northern Monk takes thousands of years of brewing heritage and tradition and combines them with the best of both local and internationally sourced ingredients, crafting beers to excite, to savour, to taste and to remember… True North