Mighty Mix Howler
Mighty Mix Howler

Mighty Mix Howler


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Hello there enlightened beer lover. It seems you’ve taken an interest in our Mighty Mix Howler; a triple threat of sure-fire satisfaction that has wooed countless hardened beer aficionados and new recruits to the craft brew revolution. Maybe you don’t where to start with craft beer, or perhaps you’d like to give the gift of great beer to your friends or family, relax, you’re in the right place. This crowd pleasing collection of cans will take good care of you, opening the door to a whole new world of wonderful craft beer for you to discover.

The beers may vary from what’s displayed, but they’ll always be a mighty mix and they’ll always be awesome!

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Howlers revolutionise beer delivery

Each Howler has three cans of the finest and most exciting canned beer hiding inside. Delivered to your door in a handy Howler tube and designed to be portable so you can enjoy your brews anywhere, Howlers are the future of craft beer exploration.