High Wire 330ml Can
High Wire 330ml Can 5.5%

High Wire 330ml Can


Rated 4.00 out of 5

5.5% - 330ml


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West Coast = best coast. At least that’s what Magic Rock believe when it comes to unapologetically hop forward American Pale Ales. Scale sensory heights and a walk a tightrope of taste, as mango, lychee and grapefruit hit you with a lip-smackingly awesome wallop. A smoothly composed malt base evens out this perky equation, safely bringing you back down to earth with a crisp and bitter finish.

About the brewery

Magic Rock Brewing Co. is the result of three people's passion for beer. Brothers Richard and Jonny Burhouse aided by head brewer Stuart Ross were inspired to start the brewery by their love of great beer and the burgeoning U.S craft beer scene in particular. "We make beer the same but different, conjured for flavour; beer which will inspire and delight but above all taste great. Welcome to the Magic…"