La Pirata – Viakrucis IPA
La Pirata - Viakrucis IPA 6%

La Pirata – Viakrucis IPA

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6% - 330ml

Price: £2.49 Member Price £2.30

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Pirata’s first beer continues with the same success as always. A good dose of hops for an “all-day IPA”. Good body balance with a markedly bitter and dry finish.

About the brewery

In love with beer, these brewers started making their first lots at home a few years ago. Initial catastrophes gave way to something more drinkable, beer began to look like beer and friends began to pop by as if by chance, so they increased production. Finally they made a decision - the pirate – La Pirata - was coming out of hiding! After 3 years manufacturing in other factories, La Pirata opened their own facilities in Barcelona and have won multiple awards.