Hackney Brewery – Kapow Pale Ale
Hackney Brewery - Kapow Pale Ale 4.5%

Hackney Brewery – Kapow Pale Ale



BBE 28/02/2019


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This little firework of tropical fruit is a juicy, dry hopped pale ale. A superb blend of big American hops that creates a bold distinct brew. It’s packed with pine, floral and pineapple hop flavours and aromas. A light malt base with a touch of dextrin malt, locks in hop character and boosts mouthfeel.

About the brewery

Founded in 2011 by Peter Hills and Jon Swain, Hackney Brewery is based under a couple of railway arches just north of Shoreditch. Their current brew house was installed in 2016 and is a bespoke build designed by Jon, Pete and our Head Brewer, Darren, holding eight 2500 litre fermenting vessels with temperature and pressure control enabling perfect management of the fermenting process. 2016 also saw the installation of a mini-laboratory. Every batch or beer is tested for alcohol content, bitterness and carbonation levels ensuring consistency and quality across the range.