Brew by Numbers – 07|07 Witbier
Brew by Numbers - 07|07 Witbier 5%

Brew by Numbers – 07|07 Witbier


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5% - 330ml


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Orange juice and zest are used to bring the citrus notes of this new recipe Witbier to life – balancing fruity sweetness against a softly spicy yeast character that keeps the flavours crisp and the body light.

About the brewery

Brew By Numbers are pioneers when it comes to unique flavours and recipes. Born from a microbrewery in a basement in East London and not afraid to experiment with wild and crazy yeasts, BBNo has grown in both recognition and popularity to become a staple amongst those willing to test their taste buds. The numbers themselves indicate the Style and Recipe, according to a super-secret code (which may or may not be mentioned on their website), while the brewery has since shifted and are now to be found sitting along the London Beer Mile. "Beer mile, you say?" Google it. Then do it.