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  • Gipsyhill-Drifter-IPA

    Gipsy Hill – Drifter – IPA 7%

    Remember when that sheriff’s department got really arsey with Rambo at the start of First Blood? Well if this Drifter had made its when into town it would have been invited in with open arms as opposed to a hose. An experimental take on the US East Coast cloudy IPAs that are currently making waves thanks to their low bitterness and fruity ester, Gipsy Hill are welcome to come to town with a crate of this bangin' brew anytime!

    IPA - 7% - 330ml

    Type: Icon-Pale Pale
    Flavours: Icon-Citrusy Citrusy/Fruity

    4.00 out of 5
  • Gipsyhill-Walloon-Belgian-IPA

    Gipsy Hill – Walloon Belgian IPA 7%

    Walloon is Gipsy Hill's first Belgian IPA. Spicy esters and fruity hops married together with wonderful balance.

    IPA - 7% - 330ml

    Type:Icon-Pale Pale
    Flavours: Icon-Citrusy Citrusy/Fruity Icon-Spicy Earthy/Spicy

    4.00 out of 5
  • Gipsy-Hill-Brewery-Beatnik-Craft-Beer

    Gipsy Hill – Beatnik – Pale Ale 3.8%

    Beatnik is a cunningly light, crisp pale ale. It showcases delicious tropical hop flavour above a pure Maris Otter base. Its flavours and aromas belie its ABV.

    Pale Ale - 3.8% - 330ml

    Type: Icon-Pale Pale
    Flavours: Icon-Light Light/Crisp Icon-Citrusy Citrusy/Fruity

    3.66 out of 5
  • Gipsyhill-Nomad-Milk-Stout

    Gipsy Hill – Nomad Milk Stout 5%

    Nomad is perfect for those days out herding your flock. A sessionable milk stout, lighter in colour but full of body. The lactose adds a creamy sweetness, balanced against a single hop bitterness.

    Stout - 5% - 330ml

    Type:Icon-Dark Dark
    Flavours: Icon-Choc Roasted/Choc

    3.57 out of 5
  • Gipsy-Hill-Brewery-Southpaw-Craft-Beer

    Gipsy Hill – Southpaw – Amber Ale 4.2%

    Grain and hop fight for dominance in this New World amber ale, somehow both come out on top. The result is a bitter-sweet combination, bringing sharp citrus, whispers of toffee and lightly toasted malt flavours, finishing with a resolute bitterness. All while retaining its session beer status.

    Amber Ale - 4.2% - 330ml

    Type: Icon-Amber Amber
    Flavours: Icon-Light Light/Crisp Icon-Malty Malty/Toffee

    3.56 out of 5
  • Gipsyhill-bogan-pale-ale

    Gipsy Hill – Bogan NZ Pale Ale 5.5%

    This beer tastes too good for words. Just joking. Description coming soon.

    Pale Ale - 5.5% - 330ml

    Type:Icon-Pale Pale
    Flavours: Icon-Light Light/Crisp Icon-Citrusy Citrusy/Fruity