Blaugies – Saison d’Epautre
Blaugies - Saison d'Epautre 5.8%

Blaugies – Saison d’Epautre


5.8% - 375ml


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Saison D’Epeautre is a saison beer made in a unique traditional style, using spelt and barley malt in the mash. Very dry and light in body, with a hint of wheaty tartness and a hardy texture that expresses the character of spelt. It’s a truly feisty brew, with an outrageous pop, a natural long-lasting head and delicious aroma.

About the brewery

A small family craft brewery located in Hauts-Pays on the border between France and Belgium, all beers produced in their facilities are unfiltered and refermented in yeast bottles. The adventure began with the parents of the family in 1988 - now the head brewer is their eldest son who graduated in biotechnology. The future of the beers is secure thanks to the arrival of grandchildren!