Basqueland – Aupa Pale Ale
Basqueland - Aupa Pale Ale 5.3%

Basqueland – Aupa Pale Ale

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5.3% - 330ml

Price: £2.99 Member Price £2.77

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Healthy doses of Centennial hops, a palatable blonde body flooded with hints of tangerine and jasmine tea, and a whole lotta Basqueland passion combine to create this California-style Pale Ale. Journey to the vivid landscape of the Basque Country with every single sip.

About the brewery

The Basqueland Brewing Project is a new brewery created by three Americans living in San Sebastian who are dedicated to brewing beer on par with the Basque culinary experience. A lofty goal for some but not for Basqueland. They make beer true-to-style for the refined palates of their adopted paisanos preaching the gospel of fresh beer whenever a beer bottle is not pressed to our lips. Drink fresh. Drink good.