8 Wired – Gypsy Funk – Wild Beer

8 Wired - Gypsy Funk - Wild Beer 7.5%

8 Wired – Gypsy Funk – Wild Beer


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7.5% - 500ml


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This is an intensely sour brew. Aged in wine barrels for up to 2 years, then heavily dry hopped with the unique flavors of all NZ hops. This is a very complex and super sour brew that was a massive hit for 8 Wired at GABS Auckland. A good amount of expletives were shared over its super sourness and heady, oily resin and heavy funk characteristics. A must try for the sour lover!

About the brewery

8 Wired Brewing is inspired by the legendary Kiwi can-do mentality and fellow craft brewers who have dared to challenge the masses and show us all that beer is no longer “just beer”! No 8 Wire is a specific gauge of wire originally used for electric fencing. In New Zealand it's use is much more widespread than that though, Kiwi's have used it to fix just about anything, from cupboards to cars. Over the years it has become a symbol of the kiwi ingenuity, their ability to fix any problem no matter how limited the resources.