A Rich History of Chocolate & Beer

While many will spend their Easter holidays gleefully smashing freshly-hunted eggs to pieces before chowing down on mountains of chocolate, there are several flavour-packed alternatives out there for beer lovers who would prefer to crack a beer instead of an egg. 

The relationship between beer and chocolate is both ancient and harmonious. Archaeological finds have led individuals to believe that chocolate was first discovered accidentally thanks to Pre-Columbian tribes making beer from the pulp of cacao seedpods and using the byproduct to produce an indulgent delicacy.

It’s no wonder than many modern beers boast delicious chocolate flavours. Much in the same way as we celebrate special occasions today with beer and chocolate, the indigenous peoples celebrated marriages and births with the pairing. So don’t spend Easter hunting for the best craft beer, we’re offering a fine selection that showcase just how well two of our most indulgent and beloved treats work together.

Great Divide - Yeti Imperial Stout

Great Divide – Yeti Imperial Stout

One of the most acclaimed American imperial stouts to roam the craft wilderness. YETI from Denver’s Great Divide Brewing Company is a no-nonsense, mythical beast of a beer boasting masses of coffee and chocolate flavours that gradually give way to sweet toffee and caramel notes. Heaps of America hops ramp up the bitterness and slice through the luxurious malt base. A boozy finale to your Easter eating that pairs perfectly with chocolatey desserts and strong blue cheeses.

Wild Beer Co Millionaire Milk Stout 4.7%

Wild Beer Co – Millionaire – Milk Stout 4.7%

Brewing at the Lower Westcombe Farm in Somerset, Wild Beer Co create beers to perfectly match food and challenge popular opinion. This sweet and salty Millionaire Milk Stout is a wonderfully rich dessert beer that combines caramel, Valrhona cocoa nibs and Cornish Sea Salts.  

Earth Ales - American Amber Smoked Cocoa Red Ale

Earth Ales – American Amber Smoked Cocoa Red

Earth Ales create fresh and flavoursome beers from natural, seasonal and foraged ingredients. ‘This American Amber Smoked Cocoa Red’ balances sweetness, smokiness and a subtle spiciness. Summit hops introduce bright flavours of orange, tangerine and grapefruit. Perfect for those looking to discover and share something new and unique this Easter.

Siren v Cigar City Caribbean Chocolate Cake Stout 7.2%

Siren v Cigar City – Caribbean Chocolate Cake 7.2%

Siren Craft Brew  recently celebrated their fifth anniversary, and everybody knows a good birthday party calls for a good cake. A robust malt base and the addition of hand-roasted cacao nibs produce a wealth of indulgent coffee and chocolate flavours, while the hop-profile layers tropical notes of orange and coconut atop that luxurious foundation. Aged in Cypress Wood and brewed in collaboration with Florida’s Cigar City, Caribbean Chocolate Cake is the perfect beer to devour alongside your Easter eggs. 

Howling Hops Chocolate Stout 4.8%

Despite the warmer climate, Spain is thirsty for strong and dark beer. Regional breweries such as Laugar (the brewery is a twenty minute drive from Bilbao) are more than happy to oblige, releasing boldy flavoured stouts such as this imperial offering conceived in collaboration with Brazilian producer Perro Libre. This Russian imperial stout is brewed with cocoa nibs, palo santo and raisins – a truly decadent beer.

Howling Hops – Chocolate Stout 4.8%

Beginning their life in a tiny underground brew cave beneath a tavern, Howling Hops are now one of London’s most prominent breweries, producing a diverse and approachable range of beers. Their Chocolate Stout is dark, rich and overflowing with seasonal toffee and roasted malt flavours. Coffee lovers will also appreciate its alluring aromas.