Rainbow Project 16

Following the highly-anticipated launch of the 2016 Rainbow Project, seven incredible collaboration brews have been released and are currently wowing beer lovers around the UK. Since these are once in a lifetime beers that may never brewed again, we want to hear what you think! Tell us what you love, what didn’t quite work, what surprised you and give us your rankings. Everyone’s talking about them, so join a community of beer lovers and the HonestBrew team in discussing the Rainbow Project 16.

Beavertown / Parrotdog – Universal Mild – Adambier 10.5%

Beavertown and Parrotdog elected to resurrect the classic Dortmunder Adambier. After digging through the history of the style, the breweries discovered it was a 10% dark beer, aged in wood barrels for a year or more. This incarnation is a deep burnished red in colour. Rich, bitter and subtly smoky from the addition of peated malt, and rounded off by an unctuous plumminess derived from a 2 month ageing in Marsala barrels, Beavertown & Parrotdog have revived this forgotten style in spectacular fashion.

Burning Sky / Liberty Brewery – Descent into the Maelstrom – Eclectic, Borderless Beer 6.66%

This beer is an amalgamation of Burning Sky and Liberty’s brewing styles and one defined by their ingenuity rather than a definite style. The colour orange inspired an eclectic borderless beer that integrated several fruits, a series of hops and a Ardennes yeast strain.

The young beer was aged in freshly emptied white Burgundy barrels to complement the New Zealand hop varieties included in the brew. For a final flourish, the beer was finished with orange zest, pink grapefruit and a healthy dry hop of Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops.

Hawkshead / Yeastie Boys – Kia Moana Gose – NZ hops and green gooseberry Gose 6%

After once again drawing the colour green, the Lake District’s Hawkshead Brewery decided to cook up a refreshingly tart, salty and fruity gose with Yeastie Boys. Inspired by the ocean surrounding both island nations and Kai Moana (Maori for seafood) NZ hops, the two breweries sourced the finest Loch Fyne oysters, green lipped New Zealand mussels and Himalayan rock salt to produce a brew that celebrates the life aquatic. Lightly hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Moteuka, before being brought together by the late addition of green gooseberries, this will leave those without a bottle green with envy.

Wild Beer Co / 8 Wired – Black & Blue – Raw + Charred + Barrel-Aged Sour 5%

A raw sour ale brewed with green, black and white peppercorns in the mash, this black and blue brew has zero hops and wasn’t boiled. However, it did find its way into re-charred bourbon barrels for 6 months. The abstract take on a classic French black & blue steak packs a good amount of acidity from fermentation with Wild Beer Co’s house cultures. For a final finishing touch, or a ‘steak sauce’, the peppercorns were added. A beer that you definitely sink your teeth into.

Siren Craft Brew / Garage Project – Blacklight Banana 9.2%

After drawing the colour indigo, the prospect of creating a blacklight inspired brew quickly became a reality in the form of a 9.2% imperial stout. Ripe bananas uniquely glow bright indigo beneath UV lights, many believe this is so the food source remains visible to animals that see in the UV range, such as bats. 200kg of molasses, 100kg of fresh blow-torched bananas, a unique blend of German and house Vermont yeast strains were complemented by more banana – 100kg of banana puree to be specific! For a final tasty coup de grâce, bourbon barrel aged coffee was added to the already spectacular mix.

Partizan Brewing – Royal Ale – Barley Wine 8.5%

Violet is often associated as the colour of nobility so Partizan drew inspiration from royal and coronation ales from the year 1953. Many turned out to essentially be barley wine-esque for the most part. For an extra touch of royal grandeur, riesling grape juice was added thanks to its infamous association with noble rot, boosting the sugar content and creating a truly luxurious brew.

Magic Rock / Fork Brewery – The Upside Down – Kettle-Soured, Tropical Fruit-Witbier 6%

Constructed atop Magic Rock’s signature Golden Promise malt bill and a hefty dose of wheat, rye and oats, this kettle-soured, tropical fruit-witbier takes advantage of several complex brewing techniques and flavours to create a truly beguiling beer. Coriander and turmeric were added into the boil to add zestiness, warming spice and a rich colour, while Citra and Equinox hops added tropical flavours to the body of the beer. ‘BrettTrois’ was then used to wholly ferment the brew and create tartness with delicate hints of mango and pineapple. Finally mango and passionfruit juice were added alongside a bold dry-hopping to create a burst of juicy aromas and flavours.

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