Northern Powerhouse case now available!

2019’s Northern Powerhouse is 7 beers brewed at Northern Monk in collaboration with some of the North’s finest – Cloudwater, Wylam, Track, Donzoko and more.

This product was available in 2019.

Northern Monk x Track - Northern Powerhouse Beer 001 Small IPA

Northern Monk x Track
001 Small IPA

Track are masters of the session beer, making them the perfect partner for the first beer of the series.

A small IPA, beer 001 is low in ABV but large in flavour. A trio of Citra, Ahtanum and Blanc hops push this beer far beyond its diminutive strength.

Northern Monk x North Brewing Co - Norther Powerhouse Series 002 Triple Fruited Gose

Northern Monk x North Brewing
002 Triple Fruited Gose

This cross-Leeds collaboration calls upon an unlikely hero of Northern Brewing – the Triple Fruited Gose. Prickly Pear brings something brand new to the table in this iteration, with tropical White Guava and slightly tart Raspberry all piling in on top of the tart, refreshing base beer.

Northern Monk x Donzoko - Northern Powerhouse Brew Series 003 - Bavarian Pilsner

Northern Monk x Donzoko
003 Bavarian Pilsner

Donzoko made such an impact with their Helles that the brewery seemed to become the overnight leader in British craft lager brewing. So naturally, another lager was in order. A carefully selected modern hop bill delivers a traditional Pilsner with a distinctly modern edge.

Northern Monk x Wylam - Northern Powerhouse Brew Series 004 - Tropical Sour IPA

Northern Monk x Wylam
004 Tropical Sour IPA

When these two breweries get together, things are bound to get twisted. In concocting this brew, things have descended into tropical madness. An IPA? Sure. Sour? Why not. A tropical fruit cart-worth of produce? OK then. This is a bonkers beer that will bend your tastebuds over backwards.

Northern Monk x Buxton
005 West Coast IPA

This is a beer borne of respect. Respect for the excellence of the West Coast IPA, and also Buxton’s ability to continue to produce them with aplomb. Five classic US hops make this beer a dank, piney and ultimately satisfying beer to dive into.

Northern Monk x Cloudwater - Northern Powerhouse Brew Series 006 - Double IPA

Northern Monk x Cloudwater
006 Double IPA

A seemingly eternal run as DIPA-merchants par excellence somewhat hides the fact that Cloudwater have been getting even better. Expect nothing less than hop-head-heaven with this beer, led by oodles of gorgeous Nelson Sauvin gooseberry & sauvignon grape in a smooth, soft, rounded brew.

Northern Monk x By The River - Northern Powerhouse Brew Series 007 - Imperial Brown Stout

Northern Monk x By The River
007 Imperial Maple Brown

A perfectly executed brown ale is an ode to joy itself. The joy of malt that is. All kinds of bready, biscuity, roasty, toffee & caramel flavours spring from the humble malt bill in this strong brown ale. Dumping a few barrels of Maple Syrup on top just seals the deal.