Shop Craftier with Membership

Shop Craftier with Membership

Save up to 15% on 300+ beers, a free upgrade to express delivery,
and stand a chance of winning your shop for FREE each month.
All with no fee, no tie-ins, and no risk

It’s the smartest or – should we say – craftiest way to buy beer.
Thousands are already in on the secret.

It only requires a monthly £10 deposit that’s yours to spend.
Let’s be honest, who doesn’t spend £10 a month on beer?



Up to 15% off all beers, mixed cases and merch


Faster, free delivery for a lower minimum spend


Exclusive beers, prizes & offers each month

How it works

Top up your beer fund with £10 each month

You’ll unlock cheaper prices, and all member perks

Order as much as you like, as often as you like

There are no fees, no tie-ins — it’s totally flexible


Introducing Crafty Cashback

What is Crafty Cashback?

Think of it as a lovely ladder of beery bonuses. The higher you climb, the bigger your reward.

When you spend over £50 of Member Credit or cash, we’ll give you Crafty Cashback to spend on a future order. It’s yet another reason why HonestBrew Membership is the craftiest way to shop. Find out more here.

1. Buy Beer

2. Earn Cashback

3. Spend within 60 days

Trusted by thousands of satisfied beer lovers

Love the membership scheme that allows…

… me to save up (better benefits than a bank saving account!). The range of beers is brilliant – thanks HonestBrew!
–Ryan W, Jul 2021

Top drawer!

Always up to date with the latest beers or ones you missed. Membership is good too. Like a beer bank account. Who wouldn’t love that. Regularly order and always happy with the service and delivery 🙂
–Tamsin C, Nov 2021

Great service all round

Squirrelling away a little money every so often in the membership scheme works a treat and means when I’m low on beers at home I can order quickly and easily without having to pay all of the cost in one lump. Quick delivery too, couldn’t be happier.
–Jacob C, Jul 2021

Get started



Q: What is the monthly £10 top-up for?

100% of what you top-up is yours to spend – with no fees – so you won’t spend any more than you would without membership. In fact, you’ll be saving money, thanks to the lower prices! The monthly £10 top-up is your key to membership benefits. This money sits in your beer fund as credit to spend on beer whenever you fancy.

Q: What can I spend beer credits on?

Your credits can be used to pay for all beers, mixed cases, merchandise and other products — excluding Honesty Box Subscriptions, Gift Subscriptions & Gift Vouchers.

Q: How is it different from a beer subscription?

Beer subscriptions require a payment each month in exchange for a box of beers you usually can’t choose.
With HonestBrew Membership, your £10 is used to top up your account each month and can be spent immediately, saved up, or, if you find yourself not using it, you can withdraw it.
Think of it like a savings account for your beer budget!

Q: When can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time and get back any money you used to top-up and haven’t spent yet.
Of course, we’d hate to see you go, so you can also pause your membership if you fancy a break, and pick it back up when you’re ready.
For either option, simply head to our contact page to get in touch with our friendly customer service team.

Prefer for us to send you a monthly beer box? Check out our Honesty Box subscriptions.