Meet the Howler… The Future of Craft Beer Exploration.

We’re passionate about micro-breweries and the craft beer they produce. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to spread their contagious passion for brewing, and their awesome beer, far and wide.

Our Howlers are the newest addition to HonestBrew and are designed to be super convenient and enjoyed anywhere. Taking inspiration from a traditional growler fill – a litre or two of fresh beer taken directly from the brewery – our Howlers deliver three cans of the finest and most exciting craft beer from around the world straight to your door.

As lovers of canned craft beer, HonestBrew wanted to develop a means of showcasing the many benefits of canned craft beer, while also giving its drinkers the opportunity to enjoy great beer wherever their lives may take them. So we locked ourselves away inside HonestBrew headquarters and decided nobody could leave until we found the best possible solution to your craft beer travel woes.

Our carefully designed Howlers (or ‘Honest Growlers’) have telescopic containers to shelter your brews from the brushes, bangs and knocks of everyday life, making it easy for you to take them wherever you need beer to go. Stick them in a backpack, stow them in a suitcase, or smuggle them into a festival… The choice is yours.

Some of the world’s most unique artists have adorned canned beer with their designs, so we thought it best to wrap our Howlers in some equally impressive artwork. HonestBrew commissioned a stunning illustration from London-based artist & illustrator, Hatch, to grace our Howlers – beer has never looked so good.

Every Howler is packed full of a changing range of the finest canned beer from the best breweries around the world such as Beavertown, Magic Rock and Wild Beer Co. Shop now to meet our Howler range.