Meet our Honestbrewer of the Week: Espiga!

Each week, we’re digging a bit deeper into some of our favourite in-stock breweries to give our customers a little extra insight into the brewers behind their beers. With a fresh batch of Espiga brews in at the moment, we thought it fitting to catch up and find out what’s new with the Catalan brewery.

Located in the beautiful Sant Llorenç d’Hortons, on the rural outskirts of Barcelona. Espiga’s relatively tranquil location is not reflected in their lively, flavour-packed beers!

“Since we opened the factory now more than 6 years ago, we have been constantly evolving and growing. We believe it is important to stay true to our origins, but at the same time move forward and surpass ourselves.”

Having begun as a nomadic brewery, in 2012, Espiga’s commitment to fresh, quality beer has seen them become an established name in Catalonia and further afield in Spain, and they’ve recently been able to expand their brewery, as well as grow their team.

Having just received a fresh selection of beers that covers both the hoppy side and more wild and naturally sour aspects of brewing, we thought it was just about time we had a chat and found out what was new! If you like the sound of these beers make sure to explore our range.

What would you say is Espiga’s ethos as brewery

“We brew “live” craft beers in the heart of the Penedès, guided by passion and vocation. The passion comes from a desire to create a different, natural and local beer, while the vocation has origins in the expertise of our founders: two expert biologists eager to inject a certain liveliness into beer. This not only ensures quality, but also a character that is unique.”

What has changed about the brewery recently?

“Since we opened the factory now more than 6 years ago, we have been constantly evolving and growing. We believe it is important to stay true to our origins, but at the same time move forward and surpass ourselves. So, a few months ago we expanded our production capacity with a new 5,000-litre fermenter, which was soon accompanied by a new line of bottle packaging. During the months of confinement, also we took the opportunity to renovate our office space, moving it to a second floor, increasing it, and freeing up an area where we can open up a taproom!”

Do you think that there’s a common theme in the Barcelona/Catalan brewing scene? If so, what do you think sets Espiga apart?

“The Catalan brewing scene is enjoying a good moment, despite covid-19. In recent years, different craft beer projects have been consolidated further with more and high-quality output, especially in hoppy styles. We’re also witnessing more and more local projects brewing great imperial stouts and sour style beers and diversifying the beer scene. We’ve specialized in hoppy beers for some time, but if there is one thing that differentiates us, it is the will, and also the results, to focus on the 3 styles that are best valued right now in our country: Sours, Imperial Stouts and, obviously, hoppy beers.”

Can you tell us about the new beers in stock?

“There’s In Bloom, a West Coast IPA brewed with our French friends La Superbe, with an abundant dry-hopping of Mosaic, Simcoe and Amarillo. Also, our classic Pale Ale is well worth sampling, with its distinctive aromatic nuances of malt, reminiscent of crusty bread, grain or toasted caramel, as well as earthy, floral and herbal notes.

If you are a hop lover, you should try our Citrus Base, a DDH IPA with an iconic hazy appearance and vibrant yellow colour. It exhibits citrus and tropical aromas thanks to the double dry-hopping of the cryo hops Citra and Mosaic, which combine well with notes of lime, grapefruit, pineapple, mango and passion fruit.

Also, there is our last collaboration beer with our buddies from Barcelona, Garage Beer Co. A beer called Next Level, brewed to commemorate the lost hours spent playing Tetris! It’s a DDH Double IPA with notes of tropical and citrus fruit provided by a huge dry-hopping with El Dorado, Hallertau Blanc and Cryo Citra.

County of the Wild is a fruity Sour Farmhouse Ale brewed with Màger. We’ve specially selected wild ferments from a blend of various barrels of Penedès wine, which we have combined with an open fermentation process. It’s a Rosé beer that’s silky on the palate and light in body. The aroma and taste are dominated by the citrus and red fruit notes provided both by the wild yeasts and lactic ferments, as well as by the blueberries and raspberries used in its development. We also find acetic, vanilla and wood notes from blending it with 9 months aged beer in red wine barrels.”

If this chat has whetted your appetite for some Espiga brews, make sure to check them out!

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