Meet Cervecera Península: Madrid’s hottest brewery

One of our favourite new breweries that we’ve started stocking in 2020 has to be Madrid’s Cervecera Península. As their exclusive online UK retailer, we’re delighted to be bringing more of their beers over, including our new remote collaboration brew, Al Cielo.

While Catalan and Basque brewing scenes feature many familiar brewing names, it’s slightly unusual that there aren’t as many breweries that immediately come to mind when you think of the bustling and beautiful city of Madrid. Enter Cervecera Península. With a backbone of brewing expertise cultivated in Colorado during the craft beer revolution, they’ve emerged as a leading brewery in a developing and exciting Madrid beer scene.

Our collab, a Triple IPA which we worked together to develop from afar, celebrates the expanding world of Madrid craft beer, and will be arriving this week alongside a selection of beers brewed to mark Península’s anniversary. While the Madrileños have provided a hearty helping of their signature hazy IPAs this time, make sure you look out for some variety in the form of barrel-aged Stout and lightly fruited Lager.

We’ve caught up with founder and brewer Roman, to learn more about Península’s history and ethos. The new releases will be on sale later this week, so stay tuned for announcements, and use code peninsula5 for 5% their entire range!


How did Cervecera Península get started?

“At Cervecera Península, we believe in enjoying the ride and having fun doing what we love. We’re a family brewery that we started 3 years ago, but for a long time before that we’ve loved beers and brewing them so it seemed natural to build on that and share our beers with more people.

As a brewery, we’re influenced by many things but our travels play a big role in how we do things. I’m originally from Venezuela but lived in Fort Collins, Colorado when I was a kid, which is where my Dad started brewing with friends and neighbours. I carried on that passion and finally went to UC Davis in California to hone my brewing knowledge.”


What do you think has helped the Madrid beer scene become stronger and more prominent recently? Is there a character that defines the scene?

“I think that the Madrid craft beer scene is young but is becoming stronger day by day. It’s such a lively city with so many bars and restaurants that I am sure craft beer will play a major role in time.

As to what is becoming the beer culture in Madrid, I would start with the consumers. There’s a growing demand for better beer and customers are becoming incredibly supportive and proud of the local breweries. The bars and restaurants also play their part and we’re starting to see more and more bars incorporating independent craft beer and loving the results.

Last but not least, there are great relationships between the breweries. It is truly a supportive and cooperative environment where we are all focused on making each other better.”


What are Cervecera Península’s favourite beers to brew and why?

“This is always a hard one, I would start with the beer that started it all for Cervecera Península: our American Pale Ale, inspired by our time on the west coast, HOP ON. We see this beer as an everyday beer you can fill the fridge with or turn to when you’re looking for something to enjoy with lunch.

We brew around 4 – 5 new beers a month and we really love brewing IPAs with big personalities. One of these that’s become a brewery favourite is Greetings from Madrid, a DIPA we released to celebrate our wonderful city.”


Can you tell us a few of your personal highlights of the current beers that we’re stocking at the moment?

“October 21 is Cervecera Península’s anniversary so, to celebrate, we’ve released the latest edition of our Galactic series. The range includes the two original beers we celebrated our first birthday with. The first of these is Galactic Sunrise, a hazy IPA brewed with Galaxy and Citra that’s dryer than our typical hazy beers and is super drinkable and very aromatic. Galactic Sunset is a malty, west coast Double IPA with Galaxy and Simcoe that goes down very easy on these chillier days, too.

Every year we add a new beer to the lineup (and yes, this means it’s becoming more and more complicated each year). On our second anniversary, we added a milkshake IPA Galactic Eclipse also brewed with Galaxy (can you see a pattern forming here?). This beer is very easy to drink and we’ve improved the recipe from last year, making it more balanced and brilliant. Finally, this year, we incorporated Galactic Midnight. It’s a TIPA that is very smooth and velvety and, yes you guessed it, it’s made with Galaxy hops!

After Greetings from Madrid, we wanted to keep on telling the story of our beer scene and the joys of good friends, food and beer in this lively and buzzing city. For this we partnered with HonestBrew to create De Madrid al Cielo, with the name coming from the old saying “From Madrid to Heaven” means death is the only thing that will come between you and this city!

Bringing this phrase back to life reflects the blend of the old with modern which is what Madrid is all about. An ideal accompaniment to the traditional dish of concido completo, it’s a smooth and aromatic TIPA with a big body, brewed with Sabro and Vic Secret hops and combined with the Kveik yeast that we love so much, to achieve lovely tropical taste. We look forward to your tasting it and hope you enjoy the ride with us!”

Our Península beers

Explore our selection of Cervecera Península’s beers and get 5% with code peninsula5 – offer ends 15/11/20.

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