After a rollercoaster ride in 2021, many of you will be wondering what the new year holds. It could be the year that the billionaires finally create a colony on Mars, or Gareth Southgate gets ushered in as the new Prime Minister after a World Cup win…

Whatever’s in store for the wider world, if the start of the year means you’re taking on Dry January, or that you’re keepin’ on truckin’ with your favourite craft beers, the good news is there’s room for everyone this January.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going low, or saying “HELL NO” and cracking open a Double IPA — we’ve got your back.

CASE 1: Drop It Like It’s Dry Jan

For those of you embarking on a Dry January, we salute you! It’s not always an easy task for a beer lover, but thankfully, Big Drop are at hand to keep your thirst at bay, without the booze.

This box of eight different alcohol-free (0.5% ABV) beers includes four of Big Drop’s bestsellers and four limited edition specials, plus a branded tasting glass. With styles including DDH Pale Ale, Stout, IPA and more, this mouthwatering selection goes to show that going dry doesn’t mean you have to halt your craft beer discovery.


CASE 2: A Very Verdant January

If you’re in the HELL NO camp, it’s a happy coincidence that higher-strength beers come into their own in the winter months, and when it comes to brews on the bigger side, it’s hard to look past Verdant. This box of six juicy IPAs and decadent Double IPAs are ideal for treating your taste buds to a hoppy treat this month and also includes a snazzy Verdant T-shirt.

Beer geeks may already know, but January is also the month where Verdant unleash their iconic Putty special release. By picking up this case you’ll get early access to this sought after, limited-edition brew, when it goes on sale.


CASE 3: Moderation In Moderation

Can’t decide? Moderation is important, so here’s a box of beers to cover you on the dry days, as well as the times where only the big guns will do.

Of course, beers with bigger ABV’s are part of what we love about craft and so we thought we’d strike a happy medium with this selection. It’s a blend of Big Drop’s alcohol-free brews for taking it easy, with the reward of Verdant’s oh-so juicy bangers for when you decide to treat yourself. Beautiful beery balance achieved.


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