London Brewers’ Market at Old Spitalfields

What are you up to this Friday? You have plans? Well cancel them immediately, because the  London Brewers Market returns this Friday the 28th & Saturday 29th at Old Spitalfields Market.

What to expect?

Christmas come early. Some of the biggest names in independent brewing are quite literally lining up to share their knowledge, wisdom and, most importantly, their beer with anyone who turns up. Expect in-depth explanations of the hopping process, the supping of a wide variety of delicious frothy liquids and a few hazy conversations you won’t quite remember but will find hilarious at the time.

From pale ales to porters, the excitement simply doesn’t end. Held at Old Spitalfields Market in East London just a few hundreds yards from Brick Lane – once the hub of London’s brewing scene – and running over two days, this is not one to be missed unless you have your daughter’s wedding or something. And even then, you could probably leave early.

The Friday will see the Market combined with the Wine Car Boot – a further chance to load up on the surely industrial quantities of alcohol required for the festive period. Saturday will feature a shared stage with the Independent Label Market, showcasing some of the best vinyl and CD collections past the one in Frank’s basement.

Who will be there?

Much like the house party your friend from school invited you to on Facebook, it’s worth checking who’s going before you crack out the tie dye T shirt and go in all guns blazing. This year’s lineup certainly does not disappoint, with over 20 independent breweries keen to give you a taste of what they have to offer. Particular highlights include Brew by Numbers, Camden Town Brewery, Five Points Brew Co and the fantastic Beavertown Brewery among many others. You can find the full list and more details right here. 

You didn’t think we’d let this opportunity slip by, did you? That’s right, our very own Frank will be making an appearance at the Honest Brew stall, giving you a very special taste of both our Straight Up Pale Ale and our new Straight Up Amber Ale. What’s more, Frank is big into his social media and has trimmed his beard especially. If you spy him among the masses, do him a favour and snap a quick photo and tweet him –  it will make his week, we promise.

How can I get myself involved?

Well, just turning up this Friday (from 12 to 10pm) or Saturday (from 11 to 7pm) at Old Spitalfields Market will probably do the trick.

Get involved over your favourite form of social media

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Old Spitalfields Twitter

Alternatively, tweet Frank or any of the Honest Brew team and use #LDN find out what they’re up to!

See you there!