London Beer City: Highlights

London Beer City is here, shedding it golden light over the city as craft beer lovers everywhere emerge from hibernation to the sound of bottles being opened.

And there’s some cool stuff going on too.

Hey, you’re a busy person. So we’ve taken the liberty of putting together some highlights of London Beer City that you can’t afford to miss. Check these out.

London Beer Hunt

The inaugural London Beer Hunt will be running all week. A cryptic pub crawl around East London’s finest pubs that gives you the chance to sample some of the best craft beer there is!

You’re given the map and a few clues, but not the pubs themselves. No no, you’ll have to work those out yourself.

Check out the link below and chuck in your email and you’ll get sent the map and clues.

Saturday 9th

Beavertown and Rough Trade

Saturday will see DJs from Rough Trade infiltrate Beavertown’s famous Saturday sessions for a mash up of epic proportions. Not to be missed.

Weird Beard Pop Up Bar, Bermondsey

The weirder the better – meet the West London brewers Weird Beard and taste some of their delicious concoctions. A treat.

Sunday 10th

Pete Brown: Beer & Music matching

Pete Brown, premier beer blogger, will be showing you how to align your beer and music tastes. Not as difficult as it sounds.

Meet the Brewer: Barnet’s Brewery

The North London brewers treat us to an audience, Q&A and some delicious beer on the side, no doubt.

Monday 11th

Best of British at BrewDog

BrewDog Shepherd’s Bush will be showcasing what good old Blighty has to offer when it comes to brewing. Beavertown, Kernel and Wild Beer Co. are just a few that will be available. Smashing.

Live Brew at Siren

Ever wondered how the frothy drink you enjoy so much gets from brew to you? No longer! The guys up at Siren let you in on a little secret…

Tuesday 12th

Great British Beer Festival

It’s been going since the 70s and has been getting better every year. You do the maths. Hop de la hop of craft beer festivals, set to be a cracker!

FlavouractiV Styles and Flavours – ‘Sensory Session’

A real interesting one this – designed to introduce you to the world of tastes and flavours through the magic of song. Just kidding, but you’ll learn a ton about beer tasting so be sure to check it out!

Wednesday 13th

The Kernel: Special Opening

The Kernel famously open their doors on Saturday only, but this week they’ll be treating us to a special opening, along with beers from Partizan and Brew by Numbers. Boom!

Tasting Beer with Melissa Cole

Giving you an excellent insight into the world of beer, including the tasting of some off-beers to help you notice the difference, Melissa Cole’s credentials are in no doubt. Pencil it in.

Thursday 14th

‘Beyond the Pale’ beer fest in Highgate

40+ beers, a BBQ, three separate bars and beer and food matching. Do you need more? Held at The Bull in Highgate.

London Craft Beer Festival

Awesome beer festival between 14th and 17th August, definitely worth a look! Check out the official website here.

Friday 15th

Camden Town/Beavertown collaboration day

Witness the creation of a new beer: ‘One Hells of a Beaver’, masterminded by Jasper Cuppaidge and Logan Plant of Camden Town and Beavertown respectively. It’s gonna be a blast.

Paddy’s Islington Pub Crawl

Paddy Johnson of Windsor and Eton Brewery gives an insight into the craft beer scene of Islington. Join him on a pub crawl of some crafty venues!

Saturday 16th

London Beer Factory Open Day

A live brew with London Beer Factory, one of the newer breweries on the scene. Can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up.

Discover East London by bike with BrewDog

Imagine you’re in the Tour de France but your waterbottle has been filled with delicious craft beer. Explore East London by bike on this magical mystery beer tour.