Introduction to Hops

Craft Beer Introduction: Intro to Hops

12 beer mixed case

  • A 12 beer tour through the world of hops
  • Experience the aromas & flavours of hops such as Citra, Mosaic & Simcoe.
  • Discover a diverse and fresh selection of hop-forward beers
  • Contemporary twists on classic styles
  • Delivered in 3 days or less!

£34.90 – A 12 Beer Hop Showcase

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Hops: A Cornerstone of Brewing

Hop Varieties

Alongside malt and yeast, hops are one of beer’s most important ingredients. Added at different points during the brewing process, hops produce a myriad of flavours and aromas.

Around The World

From the idyllic surroundings of Kent, Suffolk, Surrey and Sussex to the breathtaking expanses of American Pacific Northwest and its hop-packed Yakima Valley, terroir is as vital to hops as it is to the grapes that would produce a fine wine.

Nelson Sauvin is a prime example, the hop known for its strong tropical fruit and white wine characteristics hails from the same region of New Zealand from which the finest Sauvignon blanc grapes are harvested.

The Language of Hops


Alongside creating those big flavours of citrus, pine and tropical fruit, hops also produce bitterness. Hops added during the boil stage of brewing are known as “bittering hops”. The release of alpha acids from the hops produces the satisfying bitterness present in many hop-forward beers.


Is “DDH” stamped on the can? This means the beer has been double dry hopped. Double the amount of hops typically used during the final dry hop addition produces a big burst of hop flavour and aroma and none of the bitterness produced during the boil.


Hop flavours fade fast, so freshness is key! “Hoppy” styles such as IPAs, Pales and Double IPAs should be consumed as fresh as possible to experience them at their very best – we work directly with the world’s best breweries to ensure freshness.

The Intro to Hops Mixed Case

Take a flavour-packed journey and discover the role of hops in craft beer with the Intro To Hops Mixed Case. 

You’ll try single-hopped beers with just one variety of hop; beers showcasing different levels of hop intensity; and hop-heavy twists on classic styles such as Lager.

Each beer has been carefully selected from a brewery that excels in hop-forward beers, and is guaranteed to be fresh and delicious.

£34.90 – 12 hoppy craft beers

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