What is an Honesty Box?

Well, technically it’s a way of charging for goods or services using an honour system. Take whatever you want and pay as much as you think its worth. We took this philosophy, changed it a bit and created our Honesty Boxes of beer.

You tell us what sort of beer you like, when you’d like it and we deliver it to your doorstep every month. Whether you’re light and fruity or wild and interesting, we have the beers to suit you. Choose to receive 6, 9 or 12 beers in exchange for a few coins and trust us to create you a great box of craft beer.

See we like things to be straight up and simple – what you see is what you get. We think craft beer should be available to everyone, whether you’re a seasoned expert or a total newbie. So we promise every Honesty Box you order will be full of delicious, crafty beers that you’ll enjoy. Honest.

And we’re not alone, apparently. Here are some guys who also think that honesty is the best policy, although maybe not in quite the same way.

Radiohead ‘In Rainbows’

In October 2007, the band offered a revolutionary ‘pay what you think its worth’ system for their album ‘In Rainbows’. So how honest were their fans? Although an estimated 60% chose to download the album for nothing, the other 40% actually paid the full price. A further 400,000 copies were downloaded illegally on its day of release but still, it was hailed as a bold and innovative approach to the music industry. Pretty honest eh?

The Dock Café

This small café in Belfast was set up with the same concept. Instead of a till, it has nothing but a metal can with the sign ‘pay what you want’. The founders were labelled ‘in need of professional help’* but, like us, they thought that honesty was a good thing. The café is now thriving, with donations ranging from furniture to cooking equipment to help keep it afloat (no pun intended). Seems that people are more honest than you might think.

Newcastle University

Researchers at the university found that placing a poster with a pair of eyes above an honesty café with tea and coffee consistently generated more money than one with a poster of flowers instead. Creepy. The researchers say the results could be used to discourage anti-social behaviour, which is a good thing. If only we could all get along.

Honest Brew

We pop up every now and then with an ‘Honesty Bar’. No, it isn’t something that lawyers have to pass. No, it isn’t a long metal pole with word ‘honesty’ written on it in felt tip. It’s a bar of the best kind – free samples of beer, with the bottled versions available on a ‘pay what you think its worth’ basis. Sounds great doesn’t it? Fortunately, we have our resident bartender Frank to look after proceedings, but we doubt you’ll hear too much from him.