HonestBrew Team Picks: Bank Holiday Beers

Here at HonestBrew we love a good bank holiday! Not only does it free up our calendars so we can pencil in more valuable beer ‘research’, but it also allows us the opportunity to introduce friends, family and basically anyone who’ll listen to us get all gooey about our favourite tipples of the moment. Therefore, it’s only fair that we share those recommendations with fellow craft beer lovers (that’s you!) so you can can build a one-off box of beers and guarantee a long weekend filled with incredible brews. 

Mad Hatter Nightmare on Bold Street Milk Stout 5.3%

Brody's Pick: Mad Hatter – Nightmare on Bold Street – Milk Stout 5.3%

Many of you will be spending your bank holiday with friends and family, providing you with the perfect opportunity to take those those unaware of craft beer’s many benefits down the rabbit hole and into a wonderland of extraordinary brews. Liverpool’s Mad Hatter Brewing Company are responsible for wild and experimental takes on classic styles, the Liverpudlian brewery remain highly approachable despite their thirst for craft beer change. Their Nightmare on Bold Street Milk Stout is the perfect pitch-black poultice for a night sheltering from the last of the April showers. The luxuriously creamy beer is infused with dark and roasty coffee flavours, offering a wondrous balance between rich lactose sweetness and satisfyingly sharp bitterness. 

Brixton Pacific Antipodean Pale Ale 5.2%

Bella's Pick: Brixton – Pacific Antipodean – Pale Ale 5.4%

Brixton’s limited-edition Antipodean Pale Ale is a favourite of Bella’s for good reason and should definitely not be missed! Showcasing an exciting blend of the southern hemisphere’s boldest hops, distinctive Down Under aromas are complemented by mellow European grains, resulting in an unforgettable blend of old and new world flavours. A perfect brew for those of you fostering a sense of adventure, this brew can be enjoyed in nature’s wide-open expanses with the wind whipping at your back and the sun shining upon your face. Whether you’re stood atop a really big hill you’ve just conquered, or desperate for post-hike refreshment, this pale highly drinkable ale will more than suffice. 

Beavertown Bloody 'Ell Can Blood Orange IPA 7.2%

Annabel's Pick: Beavertown – Bloody ‘Ell – Blood Orange IPA 7.2%

It’s important to maintain a healthy diet over the bank holiday and not overindulge. So, what better way to get one of your five-a-day than with a Blood Orange IPA (we’re not actually too sure if beer fruit counts, but hey, it can’t hurt). Beavertown have never brewed a straight up IPA, so why change the habit of a lifetime! They take a stripped back IPA malt bill and highly hop it with the tropics of Amarillo and Citra and pile head on with kilos of Blood Orange zest and juice late in the boil, bringing you a smack of citrus and hints of warm orange aromas. One their favourite and most popular seasonal brews, Beavertown will be canning Bloody ‘Ell from February until the bloody oranges run dry!

Buxton Ring Your Mother XXXX Mild 9.5%

Nejc's Pick: Buxton – Ring Your Mother XXXX – Mild 9.5%

One for the history buffs out there, Buxton’s Ring Your Mother XXXX may well be mild by name, but it’s certainly not mild by nature. At a stonking 9.5% this potent, hopped-up brew is adapted from a mid-nineteenth century recipe and was brewed in collaboration with Buxton’s Dutch pals Oproer & Oedipus Brewing. After a few sips of this one you may well believe you’re pursuing Jack the Ripper through the cobblestone arteries of Victorian London; perhaps you’ll find yourself pondering beside Charles Darwin while he scribbles down The Origin of the Species; maybe even readying your trigger finger as you prepare to hijack a train alongside The Outlaw Jesse James. Ring your mam, you’ll be getting home late.

Craig's Pick: Mad Hatter – Follow the White Rabbit – Wheat IPA 5.9%

How peculiar…the second Mad Hatter Beer on the list! Well, once you’ve been to Craft Beer Wonderland you’ll surely want to go back. This new addition to the brewery’s range is a wheat heavy IPA dry hopped with a marvelously mind-bending combination of Sorachi Ace and Citra. Typically sound la from a technical standpoint, yet imbued with all the zany creativity that we’ve come to expect from our favourite Scouse brewers, this White Rabbit is definitely worth tracking down. Take a pinch of IPA and a scoop of Wit, mix them both together with pineapple, orange marmalade and juicy citrus flavours, and you’ve got yourself a super refreshing brew. Blink and you’ll miss it!

Tim's Pick: Signature Brew – Roadie – Session IPA 4.3%

Will your bank holiday weekend be filled with the sound of music? A few soulful jams from English indie rockers Glass Animals in the morning, experimental electronica cuts from Breton throughout the afternoon and the uplifting electronic stylings of M83 in the evening? Whatever your jam, we’ve got a beer for all the music lovers out there. Signature Brew’s Roadie Session IPA is a brew inspired by all those people who make live music possible. From the lighting engineer, to the doorman, to the tireless road crew, behind every good show, there’s a team of Roadies, and behind every team of Roadies, there’s beer. Super crisp, light and refreshing, and packed with plenty of hops. In a similar fashion to Roadies around the globe, we recommend drinking several (responsibly!).

Left Hand - Milk Stout 6%

Andrew's Pick: Left Hand – Milk Stout 6%

These days it’s cool to make milk stout…it wasn’t always this way. That’s why if you’re a lover of sumptuous dark beers that are rich, full-flavoured and possess a mouthfeel akin to that of swallowing liquid velvet, you should really check out Left Hand’s Milk Stout – or as we like to call it original gangster milk stout. Milk stout was so out of favour that the descendant of porter was even made illegal at one point following the Second World War thanks to some misleading labelling. Today the beer that was born in poverty-stricken Victorian England is once again redirecting tastes, acting as an opulent treat that contemporary brewers have plucked out of the history books.

Birrificio Del Ducato New Morning Saison 5.8%

Cormac's Pick: Birrificio Del Ducato – New Morning – Saison 5.8%

Since Cormac’s heading to Parma to take in the sights and sounds of the Italian craft beer scene this weekend (including a few scoops inside Northern Italy’s Arrogant Bar) it only makes sense that his pick is a glorious seasonal saison from Italy’s most awarded brewery, Birrificio Del Ducato. Their beers are made of passion and knowledge, culture and innovation, memories and visions of endless worlds real and futuristic. If Italo Calvino had decided to brew beer instead of write novels, this would be the wondrous result. Named after a Bob Dylan song, this is the perfect beer to sit back and relax with this weekend while you watch summer’s vibrant awakening slowly draw into focus.