HonestBrew Picks: 4th of July Brewskis

Here at HonestBrew we like to celebrate fellow beer loving nations and their holidays. Some might say that’s just an excuse to drink beer, they may be right, nevertheless, we’re not going to let such talk stop us from raising a glass to the biggest beer nation on the planet and their most significant cross on the calendar. That’s why we’ve handpicked a glorious selection of brewskis, some brewed upon US soil and others inspired by America’s peerless approach to craft, so you can celebrate Independence Day in style this 4th of July. So, dig out that Star Spangled Banner, bake an apple pie, shout loudly and often, listen to Springsteen, procure a cheeseburger, put bacon where it doesn’t belong, celebrate America your way! Most importantly, drink great beer!

Two Beers Evo IPA Can 6.2%

Seattle, birthplace of Grunge and stomping ground of Cobain, Staley and Vedder. Producer of tech companies, street corner coffee, rain-soaked flannel shirts. Rugged, wild and a stone’s throw from the Canadian wilderness – well, Vancouver. Also home to Two Beers, a brewery whose love for the Pacific Northwest and outdoor pursuits, floods out of each and every can of their beer. This Evo IPA boasts a deep floral aroma with strong notes of grapefruit and tangerine on the palate. Perfect for drinking in a hand-carved canoe. If you can’t find a hand-carved canoe, maybe sit in the bath.

Siren Vermont Tea Party Pale Ale 3.6%

Just because Siren are based in Berkshire, it doesn’t mean that their brews inspired by seafaring folklore can’t cross the Atlantic for a little US influence. Adapted from Siren’s ‘Love of Work’ a particularly special beer brewed alongside Vermont’s revered Hill Farmstead brewery, Vermont Tea Party offers even cleaner bergamot, citrus and grassy hop notes with Chinook, Citra, Equinox and Amarillo hops all in the mix. A celebration of yeast, Earl Grey tea and passionate collaborative brewing.

Pine St Menagerie Saison 5%

Pine St brewery hail from San Francisco, land of absurdly hilly, cable car packed roads, big red bridges and inescapable prison islands. When you picture San Francisco, you likely picture it bathed in glorious sunshine. So, with its hoppy fruitiness and aromatic unfiltered flavours, this seasonal Belgian-inspired saison is the perfect brew to transport you to the iconic West Coast destination.

Bear Republic Red Rocket Amber Ale 6.8%

This Cali collective and their bodacious brews were severely hindered by a crippling drought that afflicted the area surrounding the brewery. America rarely loses, especially not to Mother Nature, that’s why the brewery took it upon themselves to drill two massive wells that would not only secure years of water for the local community but also years of insanely good brewskis. You can check out the full story here. This sweet and malty Red Rocket will propel your tastebuds into the stratosphere quicker than you can say “One small step for man, one giant leap for beer”.

Hale's Ales American Pale Ale 4.7%

Also originating from Seattle, Hale’s Ales have been producing incredibly drinkable US brews since 1983. Let’s not mess around here, this Pale American Ale is basically the Captain America of US beer. Big muscular tropical flavours that are as clean as Cap’s clean-shaven jawline and as crisp as his newly laundered uniform shelter behind a tear-jerkingly patriotic red, white & blue can – you can almost taste the Vibranium. It’s true to style and the first craft pale produced in the region. God bless Hale’s Ales.  

Anchor Brekle's Brown 6%

While Anchor Brewery have become a recognisable presence when it comes to the UK craft beer scene, this Brekle’s Brown Ale is yet to reach the masses – it’s only a matter of time. Dating back to 1896, Anchor can lay claim to being the first ‘craft’ brewery with pre-prohibition roots in the States, and have been brewing their signature Steam Beer ever since. Inspired by the best all-malt brown ales in Anchor’s brewing archives, Brekle’s Brown has a coppery colour and unusual depth of flavour with hints of citrus which makes for richness and complexity without heaviness. Drop anchor here for the classic, all-malt, single-hop American brown ale.

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