HonestBrew Head To UBREW: Bermondsey, Beer & The Brew

No longer are beer lovers content with just drinking craft brews. The more we learn about the ingredients and skill that goes into brewing a great beer, the more eager many become to get their own hands dirty. Luckily, UBREW offers beer lovers the chance to get their hands on some hops.


UBREW is an open brewery that primarily works on a membership model. That means groups of aspiring brewers can share one membership, split the monthly fee and brew some delicious beer together. Members use the online system to book a timeslot on the commercial brewery equipment – including your hot liquor tank, mash tun, kettle and plate chiller. Members then get access to the kit included in their membership fee, and UBREW also provide a brewshop where you can buy their ingredients onsite. Simply put, sign-up, book a slot & get to brewing.


Recently, HonestBrew took our own brewing adventure alongside the UBREW team. We started life as brewers looking to spread the word about good beer, and brewed our HonestBrew APA on-site at White Hag’s ballymote-based brewery last year, so we were eager to test out a couple of recipes in preparation for this year’s upcoming surprise collaboration. More on that in the near future…

After acquiring our ingredients – including an array of hop pellets, fruit additions and vermont yeast – and clearing the somewhat “unconventional” recipes with the UBREW team, we got to work on a refreshing session beer and a cloudy New England-style juice bomb. As the team includes both seasoned veterans and eager newbies, we were given a step by step guide to brewing a beer; from mashing in, to boiling our wort, to adding the yeast and fermenting – whatever your level of experience the UBREW team provide guidance throughout your brew day and act as friendly companions for those first unsteady steps into the world of brewing. No brewer left behind.


We left our brews on the boil and dived outside for a midday pizza run, had a wander past the hallowed arches of the Bermondsey beer mile and soaked in the atmosphere – not to mention a few brews that we grabbed from nearby retailers and the incomparable Brew By Numbers.

UBREW also boast fridges full of their own unique beers brewed on their commercial kit for you to enjoy while making yourself at home. Beers such as the delicious offerings currently sitting on the digital shelves of our online bottleshop just in case you can’t make it down to London.

Ubrew – Rocket Bear 6.9%

An explosively hoppy IPA from UBREW. Not content with helping beer lovers brew countless wondrous concoctions, the Bermondsey-based brewery decided to lock and load their own flavour-seeking missile. Target: your taste buds!


Ubrew – Gateway IPL 4.9%

This is a supercharged dino-beer with a laser guided tractor beam straight to your mouth. With a sharp-toothed hop-forward taste, the fruity citrus aromas are balanced with dank bitterness that thuds into your mouth before its tail gives you a bubbly whack of pilsner malts that could awake even the mightiest of beasts from their Jurassic slumber.

After a long day of brewing (some problematic mango puree made it longer than most) we now have a couple of kegs in the office. Once they’ve conditioned we’ll have the perfect reference for this summer’s big collaboration brews.

With a new Manchester location already crowdfunded, and the popularity of craft beer constantly on the rise, it would seem that many more of us will be embarking on our own small batch brew adventures.

Everybody has to start somewhere, and take it from one half of Team HonestBrew, UBREW is a brilliant place to begin.

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