HonestBrew Advent Calendar Collaborations: Boundary

We’re creeping ever-closer to the start of December and we’re particularly excited for the collaboration beers in our Advent Calendar. We’re delighted to have Boundary, Howling Hops, Cloudwater & Signature Brew all creating exclusive brews, and can’t wait for you to try them!

We’ve caught up with the brewers to hear all about these brilliant new beers as well as find out a bit more about the people behind the brews. This week, we chatted to Boundary and heard all about what to expect from the forthcoming seasonal special!


For those who don’t know Boundary, can you tell us a bit about the brewery?

We are a Cooperative Brewery in Belfast. This year we turn 5 years old. We’re as surprised as anyone we’ve made it this far.

We’re just finishing up an 18 month expansion, and are very much looking forward to Christmas to catch our breath and have a rest.


I don’t blame you for looking forward to a rest! What do you think it is that’s helped you grow so much?

Probably being a Cooperative brewery owned and run by it’s members. We have over 1400 member-owners who all bought shares in the brewery and own it equally. This has given us access to skillsets far beyond our natural reach. It has also given us a great momentum from the beginning in our local Northern Irish beer market.

Our home beer market is small and young. We export 80% of our beer beyond Northern Ireland. That has given us so many opportunities to make new friends, and learn so much from breweries all around the world!


What can our customers expect from the collab?

It’s a cheeky little Table Beer, brewed with lemon zest. We’ve tenderly cared for the Belgian yeast in fermentation to make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the entire beer. Then we blasted it with loads of lemon zest. Then we made it sound classy with a French name.


I can’t wait to taste it. After I’ve finished with the collab what else should I try from you guys?

We’re really enjoying our highly dry hopped Pale Ales. And our Mix Ferm Saisons, if you can find them, will always offer a rare delight to your face.

We’re also sitting on a Sherry Casked Imperial Stout with Coffee. We’ll probably release it sometime in the next 40 years.


The Biére de Table Avec Zeste is an exclusive collaboration beer between HonestBrew & Boundary and is available in our Advent Calendar along with 3 other limited edition collaborations. Check out more beers from Boundary here.