Honest Challenge: Paper Bottle Opener

Are you looking for your long-lost sense of adventure? Remember the days when you were wild and carefree, staying out late and partying past 10pm doing shots of tequila from your roommate’s belly button?

Yeah? Neither do we.

Times may have changed, but you don’t have to change with them. Honest Brew are setting you a challenge for the ages: open a bottle of our Straight Up Pale Ale using nothing but our unique bottle opener.

That’s right, it does look a lot like a sheet of A4. However, you need nothing but your wits and some Blue Peter-style folding to gain access to the refreshing goodness inside a bottle of Straight Up. So go on, have a go.


A Crafty Challenge

Call up your friends, get them round and challenge them to open a bottle of Honest Brew’s very own Straight Up Pale Ale with nothing but our special paper bottle opener. It’s like origami, but with a boozy incentive.

‘But wait!’, we hear you cry, ‘How the hell am I supposed to open this thing with nothing but a sheet of paper?’ We have you covered. Trust us, it can be done.

Check out the video below for an Honest Education in the ways of bottle opening, explained by our very own Honest Brew Sensei. Following his honed skills and wise guidance, where others have failed you will succeed.


Hey, you’ve worked hard at this. You deserve more than just your friends’ respect and adulation. How about a free beer? Entrust your buddies with this swanky bottle opener and ask them to include your email address when they order their first Honesty Box. As a reward for your perseverance, we’ll hit you and them with a free beer. Yes. In the face*.

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*By ‘face’, what we’re really saying is your box.