Get a FREE bonus beer with the HonestBrew Happy Hour – Member Exclusive!

Well, hello there. We thought we might see you here, since we mentioned ‘Free Beer’. It’s hard to think of a better combination of words, but another duo we’re quite fond of is ‘Happy’ and ‘Hour’. These words have appeared far less frequently over the past year, so it’s time to bring them back with gusto as we announce our first-ever Happy Hour offer.

To spread the Friday feeling, today we’re offering you the chance to grab a free beer from one of our most beloved breweries (including a few Brewies award winners) every 3 hours.

Just giving it away would be boring though, so we’ve rather cunningly hidden them across the website, only to be identified by a rather fetching ‘Happy Hour’ badge. And, because we’re a bunch of teases here at HonestBrew, we’ve come up with a few clues for you to use to get a steer on where you should be looking. We’ll be updating the list below as each Happy Hour begins, so be sure to check back here for each clue as each time-slot begins.

Beer #4 – 7pm-8pm – SOLD OUT

If we tell you to go to helles, don’t be offended. Take heed and find this crispy wonder.

Beer #3 – 4pm-5pm – SOLD OUT

This glorious beer hails from God’s own country, where the best beer names are born.

Beer #2 – 1pm-2pm – SOLD OUT

You might have heard about this beer through the grapevine, now’s your chance to try it for free.

Beer #1 – 10am-11am – SOLD OUT

It’s our first clue, so we’re not going to push the boundaries in order to guide you to this beer. Geddit?

Terms and Conditions
-Happy Hour beers are free for Members only. (Not a member? Join for free here)
-You must complete your purchase within the Happy Hour time-slot to claim your free beer.
-Happy Hour beers are available while stocks last.
-Happy Hour beers are limited to 1 per customer, per time-slot.