Getting festive with good food and beer

Getting to know Gousto

Our friends at Gousto have some extra special meals planned for Christmas and we’ve taken inspiration from their recipe boxes to give you beer pairing suggestions.
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Roast Pork Belly with garlicy cavelo nero, parsnip and apple mash.

For something rich in flavour and fat such as pork belly, look for a beer with hop bitterness and carbonation such as an American Pale Ale (APA) or India Pale Ale (IPA). We’d suggest Brixton Brewery’s Atlantic Pale Ale or Beavertown’s Gamma Ray.

Herby Pistachio Chicken with golden potatoes and green beans, fragrant tarragon, toasted pistachios and capers

As chicken is a lighter meat, pair with a beer that is pale or amber in colour. Our pick for this dish is a Czech Pilsner as the earthiness of the Czech yeast complements the herbs used. Try Tuatara’s Pilsner for a crisp and refreshing match.

Gift Wrapped Chicken succulent chicken thighs in a layer of crisp, streaky bacon paired with garlic thyme potatoes and cranberry sauce.
As this chicken dish is wrapped in bacon and served with cranberry sauce it is richer and sweeter than the dish above. We’d suggest something slightly darker in colour like an amber or rye ale to accompany it. Give Siren’s Ryesing Tides Rye IPA a go.

Shepherdess Pie (v) the classic, with veggie mince.
For this warming veggie dish we’d also go with something darker in colour but too not too heavy. Mondo’s James Brown Ale is a great pick as it is sweeter but not too heavy in roasted flavours.