EXTRA EXTRA!! Frank finds good beer!

If you really think about it, every craft beer pub sports the same scene.

Happy faces. Loads of banter. More beer taps than bines in the Kentish Countryside. A wise bartender with a wiser beard whose philosophical musings on the contribution of alphas and hop oils to Somesuchbrewery’s latest double-jacked IPA distract him from the bar.

See? The same scene in every craft beer bar.

But the beer?

Now that’s where all craft beer pubs the world over differ: the beer selection is never the same.

Heading to these pubs with your buddies is fun as long as you’ve got a satisfying brew to sip on. But what with the myriad of beers cascading forth worldwide, finding your perfect brew is like a quest for the Holy Grail. How do you find that perfect beer?

Were you in your local, you’d politely turn the bartender away from their musings, they’d heed your suggestions, give you a few tasters – basically wait on your every beery need. That’s the kind of real-life customer service that no online company can even hope to compete with.

At Honest Brew, more than anything else, we want to mimic the customer service people receive when they walk into a craft beer pub or bottle shop. The kind of drinking experience you get when you’re out with beer experts. Honest Brew is a startup, an online beer platform and brewery that delivers beer directly to customers in the United Kingdom and Europe. Our goal is to make it easier for people to find and enjoy great beer, wherever they happen to be.

Something that’s easier said than done considering our customers are spread far and wide across the continent.

Which is why we are ever so thankful for Frank. Frank is our wispy-bearded “bartender” who interacts with our customers, recommends beers, answers questions and makes sure that everyone leaves the website happy, and with great beer. To put it better, he is the guy with the beer and some of the answers.

He’s our superhero, dedicated to making sure that everyone is happy and the beer is plentiful.

With Frank we’ve set up a world first (we think so anyway) way to buy craft. All you have to do is tell Frank what kinds of beers you like and what flavours you enjoy. Our superhero, under our supervision will hand-pick you a mighty fine selection of craft brews and deliver them direct to you.

Enjoy the beers and tell Frank what you liked (and didn’t like so much) so next time he will find a new 12 box of Holy Grail brews for you.

Get Frank picking a box of craft beers now