Feast your eyes on beautiful beer labels


Modern brews have redefined our perception of beer. The resurrection of traditional styles and an influx of contemporary concoctions have taken beer lovers’ taste buds to new and exciting destinations. The breweries behind such beers each possess their own unique personalities, so it only makes sense that those inimitable characteristics make their way into their glorious, flavour-packed beer.

One of the most eye-catching means of breweries introducing themselves to beer lovers is through the use of diverse and attractive labelling – here are just a few examples of the artwork, illustrations and beer label designs that we can’t take our eyes off!

Pressure Drop

From a Dunkelweiss that expressed itself though 1920’s German expressionism, to a Hefeweiss inspired by the lore of an ancient Chinese proverb, Pressure Drop’s wonderfully engaging labelling has quickly earned iconic status and roused the senses of beer drinkers tired of being faced with cheeky critters, tongue-in-cheek cartoons and ten a penny coats of arms. The Hackney brewery may well be small in terms of stature but their flavours are massive and perfectly personified through the imagery of the talented artists they work alongside.

Fourpure Brewing Co

Bold, evocative and directly inspired by the style of beer which sits inside the can, Fourpure Brewing Co’s recent labelling revamp transports drinkers to locations notorious for their unquenchable thirst for great beer. From a can of California inspired american Pale Ale picturing lifeguard stations and surfers, to an aerial view of a towering Germanic castle befitting of the brewery’s crisp and refreshing pilsner, Fourpure may well hail from Bermondsey but their passion for beer spans the globe.


Modern seasonal beer is the raison d’être of Manchester’s Cloudwater Brew Co. Every time-sensitive batch of flavourful brews is accompanied by the work of a different artist. From postmodern collages of shapes, to abstract flashes of colour, to obscure and beguiling photography, Cloudwater’s presentation is ever-changing yet distinctly their own – much like their incredibly flavourful beer.


Alec Doherty’s colour-packed, abstract illustrations are now synonymous with Partizan’s dynamic range of brews. With one foot in reality and another in a Picasso-esque subversion of the everyday, if the beer doesn’t whisk your mind far away, then the sights you hold in your hand surely will. Every beer gives you the visions to dream-up a wondrous story, whatever the outcome, it’ll be a happy ending for your taste buds.


Treating their bottles like glass canvassas, Boundary adorn their beer with vivid brushstrokes that conjure portraits of Ireland’s wild and beautiful landscapes. From the blueish grey of crashing waves to the impenetrable black of the night sky illuminated by distant flames, the cooperative Belfast brewery are responsible for gifting beer lovers with works or art both inside and outside of the bottle.

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