What is an HonestBrew subscription?

What is an HonestBrew subscription?

Well the first thing worth saying is perhaps what it’s not: it’s not a subscription in the traditional sense where you’re locked in. Flexibility is key. You choose the plan & delivery frequency. Even if you’re done with beer (yeah, right) you can take your leave whenever you like.

Going away on holiday? Simply skip your next box. Having people around for a BBQ? Hit the panic button to get beer sent your way quickly. It’s a beer discovery service that works with your schedule.


How much does it cost?

You can update your plan and delivery frequency at anytime.

Choosing a plan that suits you:

Mixed Styles = A variety of beer styles from across our range
IPAs & Pales = A selection of different IPAs and Pale Ales
Choose your own beers = Join our Membership

You can also change your frequency to weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or anything else that takes your fancy – so you’re always getting the beers you want when you want them.


What are the sizes of the beers?

We send a mixture of bottles and cans. The most common size is 330ml, but many US beers are 355ml and there’ll be the occasional 440ml or 500ml as well.


More expensive than the supermarket?

90% of the beers we source for our Honesty Box customers are beers that won’t be found in your standard supermarkets. Produced by the best micro breweries from all around the world using only the finest ingredients. We guarantee the highest quality of beer, if you are ever unhappy with the quality of beer email [email protected].


How do I order?

Once you’ve signed up you’ll have 30 days before your first Honesty Box will be sent. Want it quicker? Hit ‘Ship ASAP’ on your account page.


How can I pay?

We accept all major credit or debit card payments. We’ll ping you an email a couple of days before your next payment is due to arrive so you can update your preferences if you need to.


Can I choose my own beers?

We curate a selection based on your preferences and ratings and if there are specific beers you are after you can request them and we’ll do our darndest to accommodate. If a beer is out of stock we’ll be sure to suggest something that is similar in style and taste. You can also select your own beers by making an order in our shop. Please note: The request feature only applies to the personalised plans (tailored & treasure chest).


Excluisve perks?

As a subscriber you will qualify for all the benefits of the HonestBrew membership including up to 15% off on beers in the shop, exclusive and early access to beer releases and sales, as well as our price promise and great taste guarantee.


What if I don’t like one of the beers?

If you’re ever dissatisfied with a beer you receive, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]

Is the packaging recyclable?

Our packaging is 100% recyclable, we use a simple cardboard case and dividers, and paper fill in the bottom of the box. Word (read: youtube) has it that cats and small children are rather fond of empty cardboard boxes.