My Subscription

How do I adjust my taste preferences?

Tastes can change like the seasons. To update your taste preferences simply click here and then click manage. Our beer selectors will do their best to make sure you get the beer styles you want for each delivery.

Please note: The request feature only applies to the personalised plans (tailored & treasure chest).


How can I add special requests/dietary restrictions to my account?

Have a food allergy?
Want to split the beers with your partner so there’s no fights?

The great thing about our service is that it’s completely personalised. If you are after something special, simply send over an email to [email protected] we’ll add those requests to your subscription notes.

Please note: The special request feature only applies to the personalised plans (tailored & treasure chest).


How do I change my delivery frequency?

Receiving too much or too little beer? No problem. Simply update your delivery frequency by emailing [email protected] so you never run out of the freshest beer.


How do I change the shipping date of my subscription box?

Simply select what date you would like us to put together your next Honesty Box by using our handy calendar on your Account page.


How do I rate the beers?

Rating beers give us an even better understanding of what you like and dislike. Simply hit the Rate Beers button for each order on your Account page.


How do I Cancel?

We offer a completely flexible service with no commitments. Zero. Zip. Nada. Honest. Simply cancel your recurring deliveries via the manage account button on your Account page.

We email every customer two days before we take a payment for an upcoming delivery. If you don’t want that upcoming box but don’t want to cancel your account simply update your delivery date via your Account.