How does the HonestBrew gift subscription box work?

FAQs: How does the HonestBrew gift subscription box work?

How can I buy an HonestBrew gift subscription?

If you would like to buy a gift subscription for someone you can do so here.

What are the different lengths of gift subscriptions?

We offer a range of 3, 6 and 12 month gift vouchers. We also have an excellent range of pre-made mixed cases available for a one-off gift here.

How does the gift subscription work?

A gift voucher will be posted first class to the recipient for them to redeem on the website and begin their gift subscription.

Will the subscription continue after the time allotted on the gift voucher?

The subscription will end automatically after the time specified on the voucher. However, if you’d like to carry on just get in contact with [email protected] or call 020 3750 2366.
You will not be charged at any point for the subscription unless you contact to continue.