Fairground & Billetto present Makers

What do tie-dye, board games and beer tasting have in common? No, it isn’t Frank’s version of Pictionary that he’s trying to flog on eBay (fun as it is), it’s Makers – an awesome concept put together by the folks at Fairground and Billetto. Held in a disused office block in Haggerston, Makers combines food, drink, music, craft and a little bit of eccentricity to create one hell of a day. Split three ways across three floors, you’ll be able to roam between the Lounge, the Market and the Kitchen and experience the hundreds of the stalls and events on offer. From making your own Christmas decorations to crafting your own vintage jewellery, grabbing a bite at Ben Spalding’s Maker’s Kitchen to testing your wits against our own beer-tasting board game, you can’t help but wonder what the hell you’ve been doing the rest of your life.

Each section has its own floor – Level One will feature the Maker’s Market. With 15 hand-picked stalls each showcasing hand crafted wares and workshops, you can pick up everything from a unique piece of stationery to an artisan bar of chocolate, specially prepared by The Cocoa Den. Running 11-5pm, the Market is 100% free and includes more handmade goodies than a primary school cake sale. Afterwards, you’ll be left no choice but to quit your corporate job and move to Bristol to live the hedonistic life. You’ve been warned.

Level Two is where the real fun begins. 12 different workshops offer you 12 unique things to create, activities to pursue or deliciousness to consume. Tickets are available for each individual event here. Some of the highlights include ‘Get Rich or Tie-Dying’ (heh) which offers you a comprehensive look at the ins and outs of fitting in at a psy-trance festival, along with the chance to craft your own unique T shirt. If you’re struggling for a thoughtful but inexpensive Christmas gift for your significant other, check out Alexander Berchert’s Box Making Workshop where he’ll take you through the art of sculpting your own personalised wooden chest – useful and unique, eh?

We’ll be running our very own workshop on Level Two, offering the kind of fun that family board games at Christmas just can’t compete with. Delve into a crafty game of Snakes and Ladders whilst putting your tasting skills to the test. We’ll have 7 of our finest beers on offer along with their tasting notes. Which one corresponds to which, however, is the tricky part. Featuring the likes of Camden Town, Pressure Drop, Wild Beer co, Beavertown & Weird Beard (along without very own Straight Up Pale and Amber Ales), relax and enjoy the fun of beating your friends over the head (proverbially, of course) with your beer tasting prowess.

Finally, we have the lofty heights of the Maker’s Kitchen. If your stomach is growling like a Grizzly Bear being tickled, then your nirvana awaits. Chef Ben Spalding will be cooking up a storm in the Maker’s Kitchen next to the Cocktail Bar. Ben will be serving up a special range of dishes, all under £9, that will have you salivating like one of Pavlov’s canine chums.

As if all this isn’t enough, come 6pm the whole space transforms into Maker’s Evening with legendary Detroit DJ Theo Parish on the decks, Ben Spalding’s meaty dishes paired with whiskey (straight or in a cracking cocktail, messieurs et mesdames?) and desserts the rest of us can only dream of.  Think warm chocolate brownies, s’mores and poached pears. What’s that? You want hot cocktails as well? Ah, go on then – there are 6 to choose from.

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